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Observing and Learning from Nature - Essay Example

In the essay Seeing by Annie Dillard, she places herself as part of nature. This is a way in which she has lived together with nature from her childhood times to the current age. She remembers the abundance of the various aspects of nature such as animals and birds that are no longer available at the current time. A nature that she used to see and relate to is no longer there. It is missing, and so are the ways of people’s life in relation to their environs. She observes the changed attitude of people towards nature. When people were friendly and nondestructive towards the various aspects of nature, so was the nature towards people and vice versa. She also talks about the evolved relationship between nature and poverty, and the increasing need for people to satisfy their wants obtaining them from nature. She wonders at leaving a quarter by the roadside and being able to find it later on in the earlier years, as opposed to the current time. In her essay, she marvels at a time where people had enough for their use to survive and had little interest to explore nature leading to its unsustainability. She brings out the fact that there used to be state of harmonious existence between people and nature hence both flourished. We see that the extinction of this fact leads to a weakness in the relationship between man and nature (Dillard 303).

The Last Oasis by Edward Abbey is a collective story of an oasis that was alive but is now dying. He places himself as an extractor of nature. Though

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he advocated as a nondestructive extractor, nature still is not sustainable as there is still no giving back to the environment. Like other parties, they take this trip on a river’s course and notice the difference in nature from the previous times that they were there. The once supremely lively environment now appears to be dull and without life (Abbey 204). The animals in the water and trees are not visible, as the surrounding ranges have now become cleared fields. It is no longer as enjoyable and entertaining to go visiting what used to be an oasis. Everything is turning into a desert attributed to cause of destroying nature.


The current essay is the best example of examining several particular stories in order to analyze the picture of nature and its impact on the works. Some of the references stories are "Seeing" written by Annie Dillard,  "The Last Oasis" by Edward Abbey and other…
Observing and Learning from Nature
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