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Learning Style - Assignment Example

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The paper "Learning Style" describes learning style that the author follows is observational style of learning. This kind of style of learning was figured out by Bandura through his study of bobo doll in which children learned a behavior by observing adults conducting that particular behavior…
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"Learning Style"

Download file to see previous pages An individuals learning style can remain constant and can even change with changes in an individual’s age. These changes are mostly experienced when individuals move up the ladder of schooling and education (Dunn 15). During the early ages an individual tends to learn through observation of their models such as teachers and parents. As they grow old, they search for information on their own and as they enter adult ages they even use the learning style of trial and error. In cases where both the parent and the child have a strong bond, the parent influences various developmental aspects of a child including their learning style. For example: a mother who belongs to the lower income social class tends to promote her child in completing a job without following instructions, as a result of this, their children tend to experience difficulties in following directions that are provided by teachers in later years of life (Gestwicki 133).
There are various ways in which both personal essays as well as research papers tend to be different from each other. Personal essays and research papers are different on the basis of size, purpose, stakeholders, content and formatting. A paper that is written for research purposes is mostly written to address a specific issue and is completely based on previous as well as current research and issued while presenting and arguing wither in favor or against a particular subject. A research paper starts with the act of obtaining information and continues with organization and development of opinions and ends with all those opinions put together as a conclusion. A personal essay is constructed mainly from the personal view point of the writer and mostly focuses a particular issue and the entire paper surrounds that issue. These essays are lesser in size as compared to research papers and may be as short as one page or three to five paragraphs long. A research paper can never be based on the author’s view and is quite subjective in nature and it includes opinions as well as researches conducted by other individuals. This means that research papers are based on the findings of others and these findings are utilized by the author of research paper to either support r reject a particular opinion or hypothesis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning Style
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Learning Style
...Vark Questionnaire Vark Questionnaire The VARK Questionnaire provides four scores as well as various combinations of the scores ona huge number. My learning style is Multimodal. The article argues that multiple preferences are varied and interesting. This means that I have a strong preference visual and Aural VA, read or write and kinesthetic. Multiple preferences often give choices to three or four modes in order to use learning and interaction with other people. Positive reactions often mean that those like me who have multimodal preferences can choose to match or align their mode to the significant others that exists around us. There are, however, those that have admitted that if they...
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