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Preferred Learning Style for University Students - Essay Example

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An essay "Preferred Learning Style for University Students" reports that there is no correct combination of learning styles and there is no fixed style to learn. A person can develop learning methods using fewer dominants styles and then develop styles that are being used…
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Preferred Learning Style for University Students
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Download file to see previous pages Multiple intelligences is a new approach that uses multiple learning styles. People using verbal linguistic learning techniques and styles are recognized and considered as bright.
Learning style has a greater influence on the learning ability of a person than one may realize. A person's learning method is guided by the preferred style of learning. Therefore every person has a preferred style of learning. People who use less preferred learning styles are usually labeled under low grades. The negative and positive belief associated with learning styles can label a person as dumb or smart. A person can improve the quality and speed of learning by understanding and be recognizing the best-suited learning styles and techniques. The learning style also changes the way a person internally envisages experiences, the method of recollecting information and the words chosen to express thoughts (Overview of Learning Styles 2007). The perception of each person is different and shapes the thoughts and decisions. It is the perception that determines the learning style or natural learning strength of an individual. There are several approaches to learning styles. The Gregorc model explains the two perceptual qualities from an abstract and concrete perspective. A concrete approach to learning enables a person to record information directly using the five senses: taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell. A concrete approach is a method of dealing with the obvious. There is no hidden message or there is no relationship between concepts and ideas. In contrast, the abstract approach to learning enables a person to visualize, understand the unseen and conceive ideas that are not actually seen. A person uses imagination, intuition and has a sight beyond the obvious. Though all human beings have both abstract and concrete perceptual abilities, each person is comfortable using either of the approaches. This is envisaged by the natural strength in abstract or concrete abilities of the person (Mills, D.W. 2002). The concrete and abstract approach may be linked to verbal linguistic and visual-spatial styles of learning respectively. The verbal or linguistic style of learning includes abilities in both spoken as well as written word. If a person uses this style of learning it becomes easy to express both verbally and in writing. People who use this style usually love writing and reading and has a special interest in learning the sounds and meaning of words like rhymes, tongue twisters, and limericks. Individuals who adopt verbal learning style takes care to include words and phrases they have learned recently in their conversations (The verbal (linguistic) learning style 2007). Verbal-linguistic learning style or intelligence indicates a person's capability to solve problems, reason and learn through language. The characteristics of this style are the clear expression and good listening skills. A person talented with learning through this method usually prospers in writing and reading curriculum at school. They have well-developed memory for the contents they read and have the ability to recall the information in a clear manner in their speech. Language is a fascination for people who use verbal linguistic style. People who prefer verbal linguistic styles tend to learn well when taught through written and spoken materials. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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