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Teaching and learning strategies integration - Research Paper Example

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Existing literature has demonstrated that individuals learn differently and this significantly affects the learning outcomes that they achieve from learning experiences. “Individuals vary in their aptitudes for learning, their willingness to learn, and the styles or…
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Teaching and learning strategies integration
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Download file to see previous pages These strategies are classified under two categories: (1) Activity Based Strategies and (2) Cooperative Based Strategies. Furthermore, the last few sections of the paper will give an overview of the different learning style theories discussed by Jonnassen & Gabrowski (1993). This research hopes to gather information that will be instrumental for curriculum design and lesson delivery at USASMA.
Field Trips/ Staff rides. One of the methods used to develop leadership among military officers involves visiting a historical site and applying the theoretical understanding of the technical lessons in class. The process is able to link a historical event, preliminary studies and actual terrain so students can construct battle analysis. “Revisiting battlefields in a thoughtful and structured way helps connect today’s officers to military history” (Stofft, 1998, p. 16). Prior to the trip, participants are given all the necessary information through lectures and classroom discussions. This is the preliminary study phase. In the field study phase, the participants relive what took place by following the course of action based on what they have learned. At certain points, selected individuals may be asked to play out some roles. The last phase is the integration phase where the facilitator contextualizes the battlefield at the present day issues and problems.
Everyday, at least one staff ride is taking place signifying its importance as a teaching technique. Staff rides place the participants in the shoes of the decision makers in the past so they learn from historical data and use it as a guide for future reference. It is also considered as a legitimate preparatory training experience in national defense. Commanders who have undergone staff ride trainings reiterate the value of military history “in supplementing current doctrinal, operational, and technical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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