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Teaching Strategies - Essay Example

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Name Institution Instructor Course Date Teaching strategies With reference to the current economic as well as technological pressures, different institutions that offer higher education are becoming more responsive to the needs of their students and concerned about their future contributions towards the community that they belong…
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Teaching Strategies Essay
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"Teaching Strategies"

Download file to see previous pages With that respect, this paper will seek to identify the most important end of year academic goal for students above grade, on grade, below grade, and those with special needs whose results range across all the three levels. In order to cater for all the four levels of the above listed types of students, the most suitable end of year goal an educator should set is increased usage of efficient and effective system of studying. This is because; improving the use of an effective system of studying requires clear behavioral objectives, which are essential aspects towards achieving greater success for all targeted students (59). The basic reason as to why I chose this goal is because, with advanced and effective study system in a school, students are able to achieve qualitative grades and encouraging points with average academic success. As such, detailed study system is congruent given the fact that educational performance bases most on platforms set forth for students by teachers. Additionally, increased usage of this effective study system provides room for clear outcomes with measurable strategies for monitoring student’s goals and orientation behavior (66). ...
Identification of behavioral changes of a student leads to recognition of emotional states that affect and interfere with a student’s academic performance (75). Generally, documented evidence asserts that if you incorporate sensation towards defining academic performance of a student, it is easy to boost his or her physical state of academic performance. Employing sensation in academic goal setting, an educator has the ability to establish physical state of students such as muscle tension, headaches that affect their academic performance. Furthermore, educational analysts set forth that, in order to achieve goal setting within a yearly time spectrum, an educator must identify students’ imaginative state. Imagery things such as daydreaming and images lead to unpleasant pictures and hampers academic performance of most students. As a result, effective study system can ascertain to efficacy of students’ qualitative performance and supportive grade advancement. Eloquent goal setting within a year can achieve self-awareness and proficient academic transformation if an educator employs cognition, which incorporates students’ values, beliefs, truths, and thoughts. With all these cognitive feeds of required in education, a student can attain tremendous average goals with proficient techniques viable for future enrolment in the society (81). Accrued cognition in education identifies any assumptions made of beliefs and values that are either beneficial or contradict with students’ social and academic end of year goals. Moreover, while setting the end year goal that will cater for all students including the disabled ones, the set objective must incorporate measures that are necessary in improving classroom ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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