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End of Year Academic Goal - Essay Example

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• What is your goal? Why did you select this goal? • Identify and explain the strategies you would employ to meet this goal. Provide concrete examples. • What would you do if you realized in February that a quarter of your students were not on track to reach the end of year goal you set?…
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End of Year Academic Goal
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Download file to see previous pages I have selected this goal because students are acquiring knowledge without key implementation, which is detrimental to their learning behavior. Working with children with special needs is different because it relies on different strategies to achieve the learning goals. Undoubtedly, patience and hard work are required. However, I strongly believe that students must be able to apply the theories and pedagogies they learned at school in real life. Children with special needs require more attention. Based on careful analysis, everyday conversational skills such as writing, reading, and collaboration can truly solidify the foundation of the student’s cognitive and linguistic skills. Thus, the goal would be to create customized programs for them so that their needs are accommodated. Strategies I firmly believe that implementing methodologies acquired at school initiates from giving students real life examples. As a student myself, I had a huge challenge acquiring and embedding these skills in actual life. In order for students to implement these strategies, it is crucial for them to get exposed to real-life scenarios in which they can be able to compare and contrast their acquired skills. For instance, increasing their proficiency would mean placing them individually or in small groups and explaining the concepts to them through real-life methodology. If they are able to translate the terms and “jargon” they acquired in class, I highly believe that this issue can be addressed. The next main thing would be to collaborate. Collaborating is undoubtedly essential in order to thrive in any profession as the thoughts of ideas, knowledge, and practices are exchanged. Quite often, students struggle to socialize in a pre-dominant learning environment. Hence, the true goal here is to foster an environment in which peers collaborate with each other that can critically be a constant reminder of their ever-growing knowledge. Researchers believe that auditory and verbal comprehension skills are two key aspects that a special kid needs in order to thrive and gain knowledge. Thus, the focus will be centered on Differentiated Instruction at the middle school level. Indisputably, each student has a unique set of literacy development needs. At this level, the focus will be to break down students in groups of 5 or less and harness their reading skills by teaching the group a special skill. Moreover, planning the lessons in which real-life problems will be discussed will be focused upon young people. Furthermore, modified and customized lessons along with telling the students to either discuss or write a summary will be enacted. Teachers can generally focus on teaching their students the basic fundamentals of the syntax and not worry about adding complex words and definitions that complicate the process. Teachers can add academic value to these lessons by integrating simple jargon that is easy to comprehend, acknowledge, and implement. The use of story problems and application methods should also be enacted. Lastly, it is essential that the students best practice their skills when engaged in a group environment. Goal is not reached… In these particular situations, it is crucial to utilize an alternative method of assessment to determine the students’ learning comprehension. If students are not up to par with their academic proficiency, there will be drastic changes. It is undoubtedly a struggle for children with special needs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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End of Year Academic Goal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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