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Football Clubs Investing in Youth Academies: Recruiting Foreign Football Players - Literature review Example

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This paper describes the studies on the current subject matter, focusing on discussions relating to football youth academies and the rationale for football clubs making investments on their operations and talent identification. Insights on approaches and models used in Europe will be considered…
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Football Clubs Investing in Youth Academies: Recruiting Foreign Football Players
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Extract of sample "Football Clubs Investing in Youth Academies: Recruiting Foreign Football Players"

Download file to see previous pages The importance of “cultivating new young talent to supplement older veterans” was highlighted in an article by Andrew Wenger (2012). The changeover was emphasized as a means of ensuring the continuity of the sport and of the sports club. The article also pointed out that sports clubs are focusing on young stars and young talents because they feel that if they nurture their younger players using the proper tools and coaching, they will have a more successful record on the field (Wenger, 2012). The article cites the case of FC Barcelona and AFC Ajax which have secured youth development programs, with AFC Ajax producing highly prized and talented players for the Dutch National team. The investment goals for football clubs will always primarily revolve around the development of football prodigies and to gain these prodigies for their team (Wenger, 2012). In the case of Ajax, the club considers young players as business investments, providing all they would need to be successful players. These young players also end up being sold for millions of euros, thereby raking in millions of profits for the organization (Wenger, 2012). As discussed further on by Wenger (2012), similar goals are being sought by Barcelona as the football club seeks to secure world-class football players which eventually are meant to save the club the cost of transfer fees. These youth players are trained to be premiere football players and as such, their lives and their training revolve around activities which seek to enhance their talent and growth in the sport. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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