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VARK Learning Style for Children - Essay Example

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The paper "VARK Learning Style for Children" states that the ability of a teacher to identify the learning needs of their students will determine the success of their instructional method. This essay seeks to provide a strategy that will help a teacher succeed in the VARK learning style…
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VARK Learning Style for Children
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Extract of sample "VARK Learning Style for Children"

Education Learning Styles VARK learning style is a child centered teaching approach that is widely accepted as an effective teaching technique. The strength of this teaching method aims at identifying the students’ preferred learning style and strategizing on how to align the teaching method to this style. According to the founder of the VARK learning method, Fleming, every student has their preferred learning method be it visual, audio, reading and writing or kinesthetic learning. Consequently, the ability of a teacher to identify the learning needs of their students will determine the success of their instructional method. This essay seeks to provide a strategy that will help a teacher succeed in the VARK learning style.
Given the unique characteristics of different learners in a school environment, the first step would be to identify the individual learning needs of the student (Fleming 105). To achieve this, I would conduct a survey among the learners to assess their preferred modes of learning. For this purpose, a questionnaire would more effective as compared to an interview that may consume more time to implement. The questionnaire would be designed to capture the learning needs of each student and to obtain their most preferred learning method. A student who may choose to learn a new skill by reading a map or flow chart may be a visual learner, while one who prefers to listen to some one narrate may be an aural learner. On the other hand another student may prefer to have the teacher demonstrate to them, which implies that they prefer a kinesthetic mode of learning. From the learners’ feedback in the questionnaire, it would be possible to assess their preferred mode of learning.
The second stage would be aligning the teaching approach to the specific need of the students to optimize their learning ability (Fleming 110). To satisfy the students demand, I would design an instructional style that integrates the learning needs of each student. If the questionnaire feedback shows that most students prefer visual mode of learning, I would be sure to complement my lesson contents with more colorful diagrammatic illustrations to ensure that these needs are met. While most lessons are oral, I would use demonstration skills to meet the needs of those who prefer learning by kinesthetic. For the purpose of those who prefer reading and writing, it would be good to provide text material and engage class reading sessions to take care of these special needs. By aligning the instructional approach to the student needs, it would be possible to facilitate learning.
In conclusion, the VARk model of learning can only be implemented if the special learning needs of students are identified and taken care of. Surveying the learners’ preferred learning style, either aural, visual, read and write, or even kinesthetic will allow the instructor to model a well aligned teaching approach. While it is visually difficult to satisfy each learner, it would be crucial to use an integrative approach to take care of the diversified learning needs of the students. Characteristically, an integrative lesson will include visual materials, read and write sessions, listening and random demonstration to ensure that each student takes advantage of their preferred learning needs.
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Zealand: N. D. Fleming. 2001. Print. Read More
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