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My educational experiences - Essay Example

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Banking education refers to a term that was developed by Paulo Freire, for purposes of criticizing and describing the traditional concept of education. The name is a metaphorical concept, and it is used to identify students as empty containers, and it is therefore the duty of…
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My educational experiences
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Download file to see previous pages It views education as a specific set of knowledge that helps in transmitting knowledge from a teacher or an instructor, to a student. It lays emphasis on a teacher-centric process of learning, whereby a student acts as a passive absorber of knowledge, and the main intention of learning is for purposes of memorizing facts and knowledge.
Problem posing education involves teaching a child or student to develop critical thinking skills ability (Mufti and Mark, 21). This helps in helping a student to achieve a sense of liberty i.e. developing their own set of knowledge. The major disadvantage of this model of learning is that it does not facilitate the understanding of a concept by a student. This is because students can only memorize the academic concepts or facts (Kobeleva and Luke, 22). Banking and Problem posing education system serves different children based on their developmental capabilities.
Paulo Freire is the first person to use this concept of banking education. Freire describes banking education as narrative in nature, with the teacher acting as an active participant or subject, and a student acting as a passive participant or subject. Instead of communicating facts and issues, a tutor gives out communiqués, and he makes deposits, which enables a student to patiently memorize, receive, and repeat the communiqués. This procedure is referred to as the banking process or concept of education (Kobeleva and Luke, 12). This is because the scope of learning extends to only allowing a student to receive, fill, and store the deposits of knowledge. Education is therefore viewed as a process that involves the depositing of knowledge, or information into passive students. For learning to effectively take place, there is a need of strong cognitive skills from a child. Every activity that a child participates in requires the possession of an efficient, strong, learning skill, if the process is to be completed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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