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Human Resource Evaluation - Literature review Example

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The author of this paper "Human Resource Evaluation" claims that an organization should not devote its time and resources to the HR activities unless they seem to enhance value to the organization. Value addition to the organization of human resource activities increases the organization’s productivity…
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Download file to see previous pages Evaluation should analytically consider both quantitative and qualitative effects of human resource activities. Pfeffer (1994, p 57) states that the organization’s failure to accurately analyze human resource policies and practices in a world where financial achievements are necessary dooms the organization to a second class status surrounded by potential failure. This essay will critically analyze the relevance of human resource and the key issues surrounding its evaluation.
The organization should formally evaluate the human resource activities to avoid expensive tribunals and to improve selection decisions. An internal evaluation by the organization averts the services of contracting consultants that could be expensive for the organization. The organization will base the evaluation process on an informed understanding of the individuals involved making it easier and more efficient to produce credible results.
In its evaluation of human resource activities, the organization can evaluate the quality of services provided, the costs in the provision of these services and contributions to the strategy. Evaluating the quality of services gives the value addition of human resource activities. The organization needs to check the speed of delivery whereby time management gets outlined. For example, how long it takes the human resource department to replace an accountant for a given department of the organization. The organization will compare the duration taken to the shortest time possible to measure the relevance. Accuracy and an appropriate quantity of information provided are relevant to determining the effectiveness of the human resource. The evaluation checks the quality of the provided service. An example would be a measure of how productive the employee is and what chances there were to find a better candidate in the prescribed time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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