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Definitions of Evaluation - Coursework Example

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HRD, which in other words refers to the Human Resource Departments found within an organization or an institution, is a framework that has been designed for the purpose of helping their employees to develop their abilities, organizational skills, and knowledge along with…
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Definitions of Evaluation
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Extract of sample "Definitions of Evaluation"

Definitions of Evaluation HRD, which in other words refers to the Human Resource Departments found within an organization or an institution, is a framework that has been designed for the purpose of helping their employees to develop their abilities, organizational skills, and knowledge along with personalities in their duties. It offers employees the opportunities of training, developing their careers, managing and developing their performances, mentorship, and planning their success along with organizational developments. The HRD within an organization focuses on the establishment and development of the best workforce that will, in turn, enable both the employees and the organizations to efficiently accomplish their set goals. The opportunities that an organization’s HRD provides to its employees can be in or beyond their workplaces. The HRD could be formal as in the training programs that are offered within learning institutions (Heathfield, 2012). Alternatively, it could also be informal where managers within an organization are responsible for coaching their employees on various aspects concerning their organizations. HRD has also been defined as the departments that are found within organizations that have been charged with the duty of organizing their employees and reporting on their working relationships. This is done while ensuring the behavior best conforms to their organizational goals. A department of human resource that is forward thinking has been described as one that is concerned with the provision of effective policies, guidelines and procedures that are friendly. This department is responsible for ensuring that an organization’s mission and values along with visions that enable the company to focus on success are usually optimized. The department is generally responsible for compensating, ensuring safety, anddeveloping the human resources within an organization (Heathfield, 2012).
Evaluation, on the other hand, has been defined as involving the activities assessing or judging the worth of some work that has been done within an organization or a service provision institution. The major purpose of carrying out the evaluation process is that it helps an organization in reflecting on what it intends to achieve in the course of its operations and assessing its success rate in the achievement of their set goals. It additionally helps in the identification of the required changes within the organization to ensure the set goals are achieved within the budget and cost constraints that have been set (Tufo, 2002). Evaluating a program has been defined by Tufo as the methodical collection of facts concerning the operations and characteristics along with outputs that a program produces. It involves decisions concerning judging the performance of the program, its effectiveness along with its future performances. The process of evaluation takes place before commencement to establish the required needs, at standard intervals or the end of a task to determine the progress that has been made (2002).
Evaluation has also been described as involving the comparisons carried out on the actual impact that is felt in a program or course against the previously laid out strategic plans. It is concerned with examining the originally set objectives within an organization against their current achievements along with the methods utilized in accomplishing the results achieved. Evaluation can also be said to be formative especially if it takes place when a program is being executed, or summative if it is used in drawing conclusions from a project that has already been accomplished (Potter, 2006).
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Definitions of Evaluation Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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