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Selective Lit Review - Assignment Example

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As a result, there is need to develop a defining and evaluation model that defines the success of the firm’s human resources. However, current models have a number of errors,…
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Selective Lit Review
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Extract of sample "Selective Lit Review"

Download file to see previous pages Continually, organizations are recognizing that their employees are a base for competitive advantage. As a result, HR departments are changing from being administrative, to become strategic partners – answerable to the achievement of business goals. This approach requires the development of new evaluation and defining models for the success of their HR. Through such models, they will be able to demonstrate the value of their strategic contribution. This review will discuss different errors in the current models of evaluation (Cousins, Donohue and Bloom, 1996).
Cousins, Donohue and Bloom (1996) insist that despite developments in participatory and collaborative evaluation, little has been explored, over the perception of the evaluators, with regards to evaluation practices and their practicality. This was be explored using a survey of American and Canadian evaluators – in the area of their perceptions. From the 564 evaluators surveyed, a subsample of 348, apart from expressing their opinions over collaborative evaluation, they described collaborative evaluation projects they had participated in. From the survey of the 564 evaluators, over their views of evaluation, it was evident that they support a utilization-focused, service orientation to the function, and that the evaluator holds the responsibility of maximizing proposed use among the users. The practices of evaluators, show that most of them engage collaboratively – which is not intended to support either side of the professional discussion, but add to the knowledge-base on evaluation.
Holton (1996) the lack of further study to advance the theory of evaluation is a primary deficiency for HRD (human resource development). In this regard, the four-level model of training evaluation is a classification of results, and erratic as a model of evaluation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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