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The US Citizenship Is a Privilege and Not a Right - Viewpoints on Immigrants as a Valuable Human Resource or Aliens Exhausting America's Economy - Annotated Bibliography Example

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With the high population of immigrants in America, there has been a raging debate on whether immigrants should be allowed into America and whether they deserve the citizenship. This annotated bibliography analyses the opposing views thus educating the reader on the implication…
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Extract of sample "The US Citizenship Is a Privilege and Not a Right - Viewpoints on Immigrants as a Valuable Human Resource or Aliens Exhausting America's Economy"

Download file to see previous pages from three sources: the first is a blog posted by Texas senator in the wake of a debate seeking to amend the immigration bill; the second is an article by a Santa Clara University professor evaluating the justice in excluding immigrants from being awarded the American citizenship; and the third is a newspaper article published by the Las Vegas Tribune General Manager in response to immigration arguments.
In this article, Senator John Coryn argues for American citizenship as a privilege and is due only to people who show respect to the laws and people of America. This is in support of the debate he intended to table before the House to permanently bar offenders convicted of serious felonies as stipulate in the US law from America and from receiving immigration benefits. To be included in the list would be those convicted of assault, terrorism, rape and theft as such people have exhibited disdain for the American justice system. Those opposing this amendment argued that it would punish the innocent whose mistakes relate to the illegality of their immigration. However, Coryn cites Better Business Bureau statistics that show how grievous identity theft is and should not be rewarded with legalization, including the American citizenship.
Observing America’s restriction to immigration across its borders, this article discredits the exclusion of immigrants attributing it to racism. Contrary to the argument that immigrants exhaust resource for a nation’s citizens, the article postulates that immigrants increase the labor pool and thus the productive potential. These immigrants constitute new consumers and pay government taxes hence do not drain services provided by the government. Denial of ownership to property among immigrants amounts to use of force, thus collapsing the morality of right or wrong. However, Velasquez appreciates the need to be sensitive while addressing such human needs as borders still serve the critical role of demarcation to ensure peaceful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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