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Is Globalization Beneficial for Canada - Essay Example

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According to Thomas Friedman of New York Times, “globalization is the next great foreign policy debate". Yet as the debate expands, it gets more confusing”(Rodrik, p.19).When it appeared initially in the horizon, globalization created lot of concerns in the minds of many countries…
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Is Globalization Beneficial for Canada
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Download file to see previous pages China like communist countries earlier visualized globalization as a strategy by capitalist countries to exploit the wealth and resources of other countries. However, the scenario has gradually changed and now most of the countries in the world accept globalization as a blessing rather than a curse. China is the number one exploiter of globalization at present. It is difficult for a country to progress properly with the help of individual capabilities alone. Globalization helps countries to mobilize its resources more effectively with the help of other countries. Collective growth is the major slogan put forward by globalization. Globalization affects almost the entire segments of human life. It affects economic, social, cultural, political and legal aspects of human life. Canada is one country which still keeps some reservations about globalization. Many of the Canadians still believe that globalization may help only rich countries whereas poor countries may not get many benefits out of it. In their opinion, globalization may destroy social, cultural, environmental and political values. However, it is an accepted fact that globalization can not only increase the cooperation between countries and but also it can reduce the conflicts between countries. It definitely sounds good that Canadian companies can operate in any part of the world and sell their products anywhere in the world without much barriers because of globalization. Moreover, Canadians may get better products for cheaper prices because of globalization. This paper analyses the pros and cons of globalization and argues that globalization is definitely beneficial to Canada in the long run. Globalization brought many positive political changes in the world. “Globalization opens up new possibilities for democratic influence on essential common issues which by their nature are about the notion of the nation’s state” (Torres, p.364). According to Lieber and Weisberg (2002), “Globalization is a vital step toward both a more stable world and better lives for the people within it"(Lieber and Weisberg, p.274). It should be noted that the totalitarian administrations in countries like Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain are on the verge of destruction because of agitations from the public. Globalization helped people in such countries to realize the extent of oppression they are facing and they started struggle for democracy in their countries. “Globalization is a multifaceted process and can be characterized as a systematic decline in the barriers to the cross-national flow of products, factors (capital and people), values and ideas”(Kaplinsky, p.46). In countries like America, Britain or Canada, manpower shortage is a big problem whereas in countries like India, China etc skilled manpower is excess. Exchange of workforce and outsourcing like activities help expensive labor oriented countries to exploit cheap labor markets. A work which is costing $ 100 in Canada can be executed in countries like India for $ 50 with the help of outsourcing. Moreover, immigrant communities in Canada always ready to work for cheap wages which help the industries or organizations in Canada to compete effectively in international market. Canadian products cannot reduce the price or compete effectively in the international market if Canadian organizations employ only highly paid locals in their firms. “Rises in international trade openness have exerted some pressure on policy makers to lower business cost through tax reductions. Tax rate changes improve the international price competitiveness of firms regardless of their level of mobility”(Weiss, p.75). Tax reduction is another major advantage of globalization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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