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Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment - Research Proposal Example

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This research proposal investigates the link between various aspects of work values, job satisfaction and organizational commitment in the white-collar employees working in MNCs in China.  This proposal tests how work values relate to organizational commitments and jobs satisfaction. …
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Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment
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Extract of sample "Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment"

Download file to see previous pages Over the past few years, organizational commitment has been acclaimed as an important concept owing to its significance and contribution towards organizational efficiency. Additionally, it has been extensively and variable studied in the field of organizational behavior. Various studies have been done over the years to get a deep understanding of the nature and results of organizational commitment. Evidence has shown that organizational commitment is closely related to job satisfaction, work-related attitudes, turnover as well as reduced organizational performance (Stride, Wall and Catley, 2008). In spite of numerous research being devoted towards organizational commitment, most of it has been conducted in developed countries and less research has been done on organizational commitment in NonWestern countries.

In nations where culture is different, the indicators of organizational commitment may vary as expected by management (Stride, Wall and Catley, 2008). This study considers China since it is culturally different from countries in the West. Cultural differences may result in complications and misunderstandings. In fact, there are lower organizational levels in the foreign subsidiaries in China that can be understood as a result of the understanding of how to manage the workforce in China (Chen and Francesco, 2003). A comprehensive understanding of the work values in China is important for entities to avoid such problems.  This relationship is tested by observing a sample of white-collar employees working in foreign companies.

Job satisfaction is understood to be an emotional response to the job with regards to specific aspects including pay, supervision or global satisfaction. As discussed above, one of the most important factors that determine employee satisfaction with reference to specific aspects is the pay (Lambert, 2002). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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