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Antecedents of Job Attitudes - Coursework Example

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She is bound to start being unconcerned about the welfare of the members as well as respecting them or even complementing their work performance where it is…
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Antecedents of Job Attitudes
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Extract of sample "Antecedents of Job Attitudes"

Antecedents of Job Attitudes Affiliation: Explain how leader-membership exchange (LMX), has been shown to affect job attitudes such as job satisfaction and organizational commitment
When a leader is not satisfied jobwise, she is bound to pass on the same dissatisfaction to the members who are under her. She is bound to start being unconcerned about the welfare of the members as well as respecting them or even complementing their work performance where it is due or basically appreciating them as members (Clay-Warner, Reynolds & Roman, 2005). Members whose leaders have a positive job attitude from job satisfaction are always motivated to work even harder as well as have good communication and overall increased performance in the workplace. They will be more committed to the organization and hence everyone will benefit. The members will also have a positive job attitude if the leader elicits the same attitude (Aselage & Eisenberger, 2003).
Describe a work situation you (or someone you know) has experienced a situation in which LMX affected job attitudes
A friend of mine was an intern in an organization and had a leader that was unconcerned about his welfare, how he was fairing in the internship or whether he had any concerns in his duties or not (Erdogan & Enders, 2007). The unconcerned attitude was bothering him as he was new in the organization and wanted his review to be positive. He did not understand why he treated those directly below him with little or no concern or lack of support for their projects just requiring them to give their reports and that was all.
Once he was comfortable enough with the rest of the group, they told him that the leader had been really good at some point but once the board failed to make him the head of the department despite his experience and instead hired a new head of department and who was younger than him, he became disinterested in their work, personal affairs or anything other than giving them assignments and getting reports. He did not want to leave the company due to his age which would make it harder to get another gainful employment at a managerial position.
Aselage, J., & Eisenberger, R. (2003). Perceived organizational support and psychological contracts: A theoretical integration. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 24(5), 491-509.
Clay-Warner, J., Reynolds, J., & Roman, P. (2005). Organizational justice and job satisfaction: A test of three competing models. Social Justice Research, 18(4), 391-409.
Erdogan, B., & Enders, J. (2007). Support from the top: Supervisors perceived organizational support as a moderator of leader-member exchange to satisfaction and performance relationships. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92(2), 321-330. Read More
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Antecedents of Job Attitudes Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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