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How Attitudes Influence an Organization - Research Paper Example

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[Name] [Professor Name] [Course] [Date] How Attitudes Influence an Organization Introduction Many consider attitude as the main essence of success as it is believed that it decides the way an individual approaches life. In everyday life, one encounters different situations which may not be predictable for the individual…
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How Attitudes Influence an Organization
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Download file to see previous pages The importance of the attitudes is no different in the corporate world as well. We can observe in the job advertisement placed by the organizations in which they explicitly mention the importance of a “can do attitude” in the applicant. Therefore, it is important to understand why organizations need individuals with a positive attitude. Importance of Attitude The increasing competition within the corporate world has compelled organizations to be extremely dynamic in their approach. The need to adjust according to the demands of the market and customers and for this they need employees who have a positive and flexible nature to adjust immediately to the required changes. The increased number of companies has also not helped the cause for many organizations as it stiffened the competition in the market. In the situation where organizations needs to be extremely innovative in their business approach, require their employees to think out of the box. The creative thinking is only possible when an individual is trying to find a solution rather than just filling in the situation. ...
ees are an integral part of any success that an organization achieves and hence it important for the companies to have employees who are always thinking of something new and innovative. Attitudes Influencing Organizations Generally Organizations perform their activity in a competitive commercial environment which is permanently changing, which forces them to constantly adapt to new conditions. In an organization, management is performed by people, through people. Essentially, the organizational transformation resides in a holistic approach, emphasizing the human dimension of the company, which simultaneously takes into account the changes for purposes on the whole, the structures, the culture and the strategy of the organization, based on new perceptions, ways of thinking and of behaving. The dynamic nature of the corporate world has increased the importance of evolving organizations. The rapid advancement in technology is also changing the way of business practices around the world. The employees, thus, needs to be extremely positive in their approach to accept these changes in the work environment. The competitive forces in the industries have somehow shortened the length of competitive advantage for the firms, as many other firms would master the art of producing it with some additional features that too in a very short span of time. The example of Smartphone is the perfect elaboration of the above discussion. In this situation, if employees resist changes in the organization, which is brought in it to move forward and compete in the industry, the organization is likely to fall out of the competition (Olatokun, Wole and Olalekan). The approach or attitude of the employees is thus of critical importance. Their attitude shapes the attitude of the organization as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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