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Organizational commitment - Assignment Example

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The level of individual commitment towards an organization determines how long they will work for that company (Doyle, 2003, p.24)…
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Organizational commitment
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Extract of sample "Organizational commitment"

Organizational Commitment Lecturer Introduction Organizational commitment refers to the level of employee’s personal attraction and knowledge as a sign of devotion towards his or her institute. The level of individual commitment towards an organization determines how long they will work for that company (Doyle, 2003, p.24). The leaders of an organization must therefore, understand how to motivate their employees so that they can help them build and maintain their trust towards their jobs (McLaughlin, Osborne, and Ferlie, 2002, p.13).This requires inventive supervisory skills to be able to control workers with varied traits and desires in the organization.
2. Innovative Managerial Techniques
2.1. Effective Communication Skills.
Mangers should build team work through sharing of ideas with employees. Engaging workers in an exchange of ideas is very important for positive feedback (Staw, 2003.p28). This also helps managers to obtain immediate solutions to any problem facing an organization. Since mangers are concerned with setting of company’s target, they should adequately inform their workers about company’s objectives to make them aware of what is expected of them (Doyle, 2003.p.35).
Through effective communication, managers will be able to establish lasting relationship with the workers. They will be able to build strong working team which will be monitoring and correcting each other (Liff, 2007, p.67). This will also save the managers time and struggle to handle internal disputes within the organization.
Through effective communication, managers should involve their employees in looking for solutions to challenging problems in the organizations. They should provide opportunity for each staff member to contribute their ideas and should value and respect all employees’ opinions (Staw, 2003.p.37). This will otherwise demoralize individuals hence lowering their morale. Furthermore, different people will have different ideas and therefore, managers will have an opportunity to select the best from the employees’ ideas (Doyle, 2003.p.49).
2.2 Motivations of workers
The management team should support the working team by creating an enabling environment in relation to their work (Doyle, 2003.p.39). This results to overall productivity of the workers and a feeling of satisfaction in their job.
The managers should review the duties and responsibilities of the workers so that they get engaged in demanding activities to inspire their minds (Staw, 2003.p.67). However, before this is implemented, they should ensure that their working terms and conditions are also improved for the workers to feel appreciated. This should also be based on individual skills and knowledge.
The managers should also create conducive working environment for the workers. This involves providing efficient apparatus for the right jobs to maximize workers efficiency (Doyle, 2003.p.21). Managers should set goals which are challenging so as to inspire workers, but they should be achievable to avoid demoralizing employees (Staw, 2003.p.7).
They should also recognize those individuals with special skills and talents to ensure that they are adequately rewarded due to their contribution to the organization (Staw, 2003.p.128). This may involve reviewing duties and obligations of the workers according to their newly acquired skills. Also, managers should ensure that the workers are adequately remunerated in accordance to new responsibilities bestowed on them (Liff, 2007.p.38).
At times, the workers may be undergoing social problems, probably emanating from the family or from their co-workers. Therefore, managers should help them to handle their psychological problems (Staw, 2003.p.118). This will help them feel appreciated and improve their productivity. Finally, the managers should introduce peer review system to enable workers rate the performance of their colleagues (Liff, 2007, p.47).
Creating interactive environment among the workers and he management team I an organization is very essential because it results to workers devotion to their work hence efficiency in production (McLaughlin, Osborne, and Ferlie, 2002, p.26). Also, communication is imperative in the overall performance of the workers.
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Organizational Commitment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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