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Identification of the Probable Causes of ER Conflict - Term Paper Example

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This report “Identification of the Probable Causes of ER Conflict” is an advice to the senior management of a small manufacturing organization that produces packets of boiled sweets for various label markets. Advising on, how to improve employee relations in the short term and future purposes…
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Identification of the Probable Causes of ER Conflict
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Extract of sample "Identification of the Probable Causes of ER Conflict"

Download file to see previous pages Since the company has been operating for 15 years, it means the company has grown wide in the 15 years span. Much growth comes from opportunities to discover creative solutions to conflicts in organizations (Hannaway, 2003). Conflicts in organizations could come up for different reasons. However, conflict provides additional ways of thinking about their sources and opens up the possibility of improving a relationship. Some of the main causes of conflict in the organization include organizational change. In most organizations, there is tension between opposing forces for stability or to maintain the status quo and change. If the management of the organization wants to shift, more health care costs onto workers tension may arise. If the organization has to attain much stability, it may lose its competitive position in the market (Farnhan, 2002). With too much change, the mission blurs and the employees develop anxiety, which in turn causes employee relations conflict. The conflict could also be caused by ineffective communication. It is a significant cause of conflict, especially personal conflict. It occurs if messages do not pass through the required message filters. It is often evident in a work setting where different people work closely together. It is always a challenge to achieve an effective two-way communication; thus, always triggering conflict. Values and culture clashes are also a vital source of conflict that is evident in many organizations. These conflicts arise from the presence of different value priorities amongst the employees (Hannaway, 2003).
Today’s diverse workforce reflects a kaleidoscope of cultures each with its own unique qualities. The individual’s bearers of these different cultural traditions could easily come into conflict with one another. Generational influences are the most powerful forces that shape values in the modern workforce.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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