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Skills Development - Essay Example

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Introduction What does skill development means? Well, according to the Skills Development Knowledge Map, we can define skills development as a process which focuses on the identification and response to the challenges posed by the environment and various contexts…
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Skills Development
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Download file to see previous pages Skills need to be upgraded if the individual or organization wants to survive in the global competition of today. Organizations offer extensive training to their employees for specific skill sets. However, individuals can also choose to develop their skills by carrying out a self analysis. The result of self analysis will highlight those areas which need to be developed for personal growth and sustenance. Areas for Improvement After carrying out a self analysis and building a strong understanding of the concept of organizational behavior, I have come to the conclusion that my skills need to be developed in five areas. These areas are mentioned below: 1) Communication 2) Managing Change 3) Coping up with Emotions and Managing Stress 4) Conflict Management 5) Motivation Reasons for Picking These Areas For Improvement After bringing to your attention the areas which I feel need improvement, I would like to justify my choice with reasons Communication What on the earth would we do if we were unable to get our message across? How would we inform others what we want and respond to their messages without communication? Communication is equally important on individual and organizational level. In the absence of communication, every human being would become isolate. Communication is a way of expressing thoughts, ideas and feelings. It is due to communication that two persons are able to exchange views; and also understand what the other person wants. Timely and effective communication is required to make a better society. On the organizational level, communications helps employees understand the vision of the Chief Executive Officer. It is important for organizations to communicate the policies and strategies to employees within the organization so that they follow it and reach the defined goals. On the other hand, organizations also need to communicate their performance to the stakeholders outside the organization for building brand awareness, loyalty and enticing investors. Managing Change I see change as an idea or process introduced into any organization. Change, as we see it, is a transition from present to future state. Naturally, the first reaction to change is resistance. Even on individual level- whenever we are exposed to change, we respond by showing reluctance. Change is natural and should be welcomed. In reality, when we are faced with change, we get disturbed because we are coping well in our comfort zone and don’t want any outside force to act. Philosophically, things never remain stagnant- change is required to bring them into motion so that they develop and attain a better state. Coping up with Emotions and Managing Stress Emotions and stress are probably the two aspects that leave negative impacts on a personality. Emotions and stress need to be managed very carefully because these two factors are clearly those which are known to interfere with the individual/organizational growth and success. Emotions distract attention and may provoke an individual to take illogical or irrational decisions. In the same way, stress which arises due to various reasons needs to be controlled because it also affects the individual/employee’s thinking and focusing abilities. In case stress is left untreated, it may prolong and result in chronic health and mental diseases. Conflict Management The literal meaning of conflict is disagreement, dissension and divergence. At individual level, we are exposed to a number of situations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Skills Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6250 Words.
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