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The Ways of Traditional Theories of Employment Relations for Understanding the Modern Australian Workplace - Research Paper Example

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"The Ways of Traditional Theories of Employment Relations for Understanding the Modern Australian Workplace" paper discusses the emerging and existing concepts of employee relations in the light of the Australian workplace. It focuses on key employment issues generating in the Australian soil. …
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The Ways of Traditional Theories of Employment Relations for Understanding the Modern Australian Workplace
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Extract of sample "The Ways of Traditional Theories of Employment Relations for Understanding the Modern Australian Workplace"

Download file to see previous pages Several theories of employment relations are analyzed to understand the potential of the subject in regards to the emerging business situation in the region of Australia. The theories are discussed based on mainly three grounds viz. unitarist, pluralist and also on Marx’s radical approaches. On the basis of such theories, the industrial practices of the employers and the government’s role in such are analyzed. This analysis is conducted to reflect on the reasons for the decline of the trade union's power and also on the needs of the changing business and industrial structures in the Australian framework.

The government of Australia is taking potential steps to protect the plight of workers from undue practices of the employers in dismissing the employees from their work. Thus a large number of employees in Australia are on an advantageous point in fighting against the event of them being unfairly dismissed of their work tenure. Further, it is observed that small business outlets in Australia have more advantage in firing employees more often than larger ones. The employees in small business firms in the region need to work for a tenure of one year whereas for larger firms it is six months to fight back against unfair dismissal. (Schneiders, 2010). The Australian employers are also endeavoring to compensate the employees adequately against taking the basic rights of better living and work conditions from them. The employees are overcompensated in turn of sacrificing their rights to getting better meals and laundry services. (Johnson, 2010). Employees of a computer packing company located in New South Wales are also found to largely complain of not being rendered their basic rights owing to better living and working standards. The employees stated that the payment rendered to them often fails to meet the traveling and living costs. (Bibby, 2010). However, the government of Australia is endeavoring to take special care of the employees involved in the construction and building industry especially in providing legal protection. (AAP, 2010).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Ways of Traditional Theories of Employment Relations for Research Paper - 1, n.d.)
The Ways of Traditional Theories of Employment Relations for Research Paper - 1.
(The Ways of Traditional Theories of Employment Relations for Research Paper - 1)
The Ways of Traditional Theories of Employment Relations for Research Paper - 1.
“The Ways of Traditional Theories of Employment Relations for Research Paper - 1”.
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