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It involves the study of how employers and employees relate to each other. The concept of industrial relations governs how employers and employees relate so as to avoid issues of exploitation and abuse of workers’…
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Industrial Relations (Employee Relations)
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Download file to see previous pages However, it might mean different things to different people with some referring to the concept of trade unions that represent the rights of employees and protect the workers from violation by employers. Some view employee voice as necessary primarily for the purpose of motivation and promote the adherence of employees to the goals of the organisation (Spencer, 1986).
Employee voice may include the following: Exchange of ideas between the management and employees and the management through collective representation and individual basis. The involvement of the employees in the decision-making process of the organisation. Employees should also be allowed to have said on issues, not only should they be allowed to comment but should know that what they say has a chance of being implemented. Contribution to managerial decision-making is crucial for employees as they express their ideas for the better of the organisation. Traditional forms of employee representation include trade unions. Trade unions emerged in the 19th century they are a form of indirect representation. In most cases, only one trade union was present in an industry. Trade unions had to protect employees and inform them about their rights and obligations. They also consult with the employer in relation to measures affecting a group of employees. Direct representation is particularly important as the employees are in the managerial team. Direct representation may be in the form of work councils and human resource management team. Work councils represent all employees in the company and are constituted by statute. Work councils have right for participation in the business operational issues (Dundon, and Gollan, 2007).
Twenty years ago, 50 percent of workers in Australia were members of a union. Today union membership is just below 25 percent. Australian has seen the lowest number of members in trade unions so far. In 1920-1990 trade unions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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