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Leadership in a Changing Environment: Kirstys Leadership - Coursework Example

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"Leadership in a Changing Environment: Kirsty’s Leadership" paper touches upon a few of the modern leadership styles and theories and a discussion of how Kirsty’s leadership relates to the same are discussed. This paper also identifies the strengths and weaknesses of Kirsty’s leadership…
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Leadership in a Changing Environment: Kirstys Leadership
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Extract of sample "Leadership in a Changing Environment: Kirstys Leadership"

Download file to see previous pages The case clearly shows Kristy has a very different style of leading the company and although a lot of her behavior can be classified into modern leadership. The case clearly identifies that Kirsty is to a great extent has been the ideal developer for the Sandwich Factory and has been backed financially by the other investors. It is essential to note in the current times with the high levels of competition and the high levels of expansions, improvements, and modernizing there is also a high need for changes in the styles of leadership.
In the current times there is a need for changes in the styles of interactions between the co-workers, supervisors, and also subordinates and this can be both either in person or virtually. Over the years there have been a number of different leadership theories, techniques, and styles that have been explained and recognized.

With the changes in the style of working and the changing needs of communicating styles among the employees and superiors, it is essential to be able to adapt to the new styles of leadership and build strong and effective leadership within the organizations.  Over the past years, it is essential to note that famous theorists like Daniel Goleman have expressed that there are six major styles of leadership. Here the author explains that every good leader can be considered to be good due to the resonance that they create. Goleman identifies that there are six different styles of leadership that exist with resonance. These he explains are, Affiliative, democratic, visionary, coaching, commanding, and pacesetting leadership (S.A., J.C., & Baum, 2002). These are simple styles of leadership that have been set down by Goleman and have been recognized to be a few techniques used by people across the world. The traditional leadership styles involved three main types, i.e. autocratic, participative, and laissez-faire. However, in modern leadership involves being more complex and more intrinsic in nature. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Leadership in a Changing Environment: Kirstys Leadership Coursework)
Leadership in a Changing Environment: Kirstys Leadership Coursework.
“Leadership in a Changing Environment: Kirstys Leadership Coursework”.
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