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Case Study – Modern Leadership Theory Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Answer 1 3 Introduction 3 Discussion 3 Path-goal theory 4 Leader- Member Exchange theory 5 New Leadership Approach 5 Achievement oriented leadership Approach 6 Conclusion 6 Answer 2 7 Introduction 7 Discussion 7 The strengths and weaknesses of Kristy’ leadership style 7 New’ Leadership Style 8 Conclusion 10 References 12 Answer 1 Introduction Leadership is described as one of the most vital procedure of social authority or influence with the help of which an individual motivates or encourages others to achieve a specific goal or target…
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Case Study : Modern Leadership Theory
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Download file to see previous pages Good leaders are those who may manage and control any sort of challenging situation with the help of his or her intelligence, power, awareness, tactfulness and ethical beliefs and ideas. All these features might be obtained from the inner beliefs, values and desires of an individual attained from his or her previous generations or from some other leader (Winkler, 2010, p 239). Discussion This part mainly highlights the types of changes viewed in the leadership style of Kirsty Flower, at the time of the challenging situation of her own Sandwich Factory (Nichols, 2008, p:230). Kirsty Flower along with her many colleagues who used to work in the similar sector joined hands to start up a new factory of sandwiches. So in order to fulfil such idea, she introduced a sandwich factory in the year 2005. However, in order to sustain in this competitive environment, Kirsty Flower had to change her leadership styles that sometimes proved effective for herself and not for her colleagues. This is because the success or failure of the sandwich company entirely depends on the leadership theories of Kirsty Flower (Smith, 1978, p 346). So she had to present varied types of modern leadership styles (Ray, 2013, p 457) and approaches so as to cope up various challenges. Some of them are presented below: Path-goal theory According to this theory, the leader offers high level of concentration over his or her followers. This is because the followers or the employees of an organization are the prime pillars and without them an organization may not succeed in future run (Northouse, 2013, p 347). However, in order to improve the growth and profit margin of the organization, it is extremely essential for the leader to keep the employees always aware about the changing scenario of the market. So that they might act accordingly in order to cope up with the challenges. The leader also might be maintaining a very good interpersonal relationship with all his or her employees or followers so that they might remain united. Side by side, the leader might always motivate the followers or employees to work for the achievement of the goals or targets so as to enhance the reputation and brand image of the organization and it might also prove effective in enhancing its position and effectiveness in the market among other contenders. Other than this, in this type of theory, the leader always tries to present his or her vision or inner desire very clearly in front of the followers or employees so as to motivate them towards him or her. Moreover, he or she might also be able to know the underlining desire of the employees or followers regarding the decision. This might prove effective both for the organization as well as the employees in long run. Such type of ideas is seen in the case study and in Kristy Flower’s ideas. She always used to state that, “I have a vision and I try to make it clear to staff that we are in this together, all going the same way towards one goal”. From these quoted line, it can be clearly stated that Kristy Flower always tries to motivate the staffs by presenting the ideas so as to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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