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Dynamic Change Agent with Skills in Public Relations - Assignment Example

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"Dynamic Change Agent with Skills in Public Relations" paper states that Public relations are important in any organization whether dealing with the public inside or outside the organization. Employees within the organization must understand their environment and how it is affected by the change. …
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Dynamic Change Agent with Skills in Public Relations
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Extract of sample "Dynamic Change Agent with Skills in Public Relations"

Download file to see previous pages Public relations are crucial to the running of a company. Employees may be the first contact that customers and competitors have with them so the employees must have strong public relations skills. They must be able to interact with other employees as well as with customers.

In any organization, the leadership must have a style that is conducive to the public and to the organization. The first commitment is to the organization so customers must feel loyalty to the organization so they will continue interaction with them. In this researchers organization, the concept of servant leadership has been an effective way to lead.
The concept of servant leadership was founded by Dr. Robert Greenleaf in 1970. He suggests that "servant leadership is a practical philosophy which supports people who choose to serve first, and then lead as a way of expanding service to individuals and institutions…Servant leadership encourages collaboration, trust, foresight, listening, and the ethical use of power and empowerment" (Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, 2008).

Many researchers have established that all of the traits mentioned here are important to leadership, so their importance cannot be denied. When adding the servant element to the process, the leader understands that there is a duty to "serve" people within an organization and in the community. McCuddy and Cavin (2008) suggest that a strong servant leader also has a Fundamental Moral Orientation (FMO) that includes three orientations: selfishness, selflessness, and self-fullness. Selfishness is the pursuit of an individual's self-interest and "seeking to maximize one's utility" (p. 107) and it happens in different degrees. Selflessness is the opposite of selfishness because it involves sharing oneself and skills for the common good. Self-fullness is the concept that sits between selfishness and selflessness because it uses the other two concepts simultaneously. McCuddy and Cavin suggest that a leader's FMO is a precursor to their practice of servant leadership and that some leaders may not be as effective in service leadership unless they have the appropriate FMO.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dynamic Change Agent with Skills in Public Relations Assignment.
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Dynamic Change Agent With Skills in Public Relations Assignment.
“Dynamic Change Agent With Skills in Public Relations Assignment”.
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