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The Role of Human Resource Management - Assignment Example

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"The Role of Human Resource Management" paper states that the three in-depth interviews conducted among health education experts show the following findings. The interviews lasted between 10-20 minutes and were not recorded for the sake of anonymity assured…
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The Role of Human Resource Management
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Extract of sample "The Role of Human Resource Management"

Download file to see previous pages Positivism is a scientific method of inquiry-based on facts rather than on opinions and attitudes. In positivism, there is a belief that the world exists externally and that the objective method of measurement should be used. This implies that only knowledge that is measurable is “valid” and hence the epistemology of positivism is connected with quantitative methods of research. Interpretivism is the qualitative approach through which it is possible to understand the subjective reality. Through interpretivism, it would be possible to make sense of the data collected and achieve the goals of the research.

Any research is a methodical study on a particular subject, which uses facts and figures. The research strategy is the general direction to conduct business research (Bryman and Bell, 2003). Quantitative research quantifies the data whereas qualitative research uses words and descriptions for collection and analysis of data.

Quantitative methods look for distinguishing character's empirical boundaries and elemental properties (Amaratunga et al, 2002). The qualitative method enables prolonged contact with the field of study which is neither feasible nor required for this study. This research would adopt the quantitative method of study as it would enable the researcher to learn about the attitude and the opinions of the employees and the health experts. The results would be statistically reliable. Quantitative research designs allow flexibility in the treatment of data such as comparative analysis, statistical analysis and repetition of data collection to further verify the authenticity of the research, thereby reliability.

The research strategy is through survey questionnaires. In the quantitative methods, data can be collected through questionnaires, published statistics and through interviews (Gable, 1994). The interview is a highly flexible method and produces data of great depth. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of Human Resource Management Assignment.
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