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Describe How Human Resource Management helps in increasing and improving employee efficiency and perfomance in work place - Research Paper Example

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Name Surname Professor Name Subject Date Role of Human Resource Management in Increasing and Improving Employee Efficiency and Performance in Work Place Introduction: With increasing competition in the world of business, organizations have increased their focus on improvement of their workforce which in turn increases the productivity of the business…
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Describe How Human Resource Management helps in increasing and improving employee efficiency and perfomance in work place
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Download file to see previous pages HRM Effects on Employees in a Workplace: The human resource management team in a workplace has a significant effect on the performance and improvement of the organizational employees. There are several measures that an HRM team considers in order to realize the potential and capability of the employees, their chances of improving and hence the methods to help them out for enhancing their work and career opportunities. It is for this reason that HRM is one of the most essential parts of every organization as it deals with the employee performance, their training and development as well as their retention in the organization for a longer period of time. This also involves planning of compensation packages strategically such that the employees may be motivated and encouraged to give their best performance for their organization. Considering such an important role of the HRM, some of the concepts that the team follows in regard to their employees are discussed in this research. Training and development involve learning and developing the skills required for any task to be completed by the workforce (Bhatia 257). The HRM of an organization provides its employees with such training and development such that their job skills are enhanced. As a result the performance of the employees improves. Moreover, with training, the enhanced performance of the employees is maintained for a longer period of time. Development reflects on the growth of the employees in terms of their performances as well as skills (Bhatia 257). Thus with development of the employees, organizational employees obtain an overall growth which is focused towards their career as well. Training and development are the roles of the HRM in a workplace positively affecting the performance of the employees. Performance management is another role of the HRM that is focused on the development of the working teams as well as of the individual employees thereby enhancing their capabilities and enabling gain of success by the organization. Appraisals involve organized assessment of the performances of employees in a workplace associated with their behavior and effective completion of tasks depending on which they might be rewarded or trained accordingly (Tatichhi 196-197). Thus performance management and appraisals allow an understanding of the present status of an employee in terms of his performance which can accordingly be rewarded or improved. Thus this measure can be said to have positive implications on the performance of the employees who would try to give their best to achieve positive feedbacks for their work. Strategic plans are often utilized by HRM while planning for the compensation packages of the employees. Establishment of strategic pay plans is considered as a strategic measure of the HRM in a workplace that is focused on planning of the compensations in a manner such that the right people can be attracted to the organization. This compensation planning may not match with that prevalent in the marketplace (Kumar 284). Thus such strategic plans as followed and implemented by the HRM of an organization can be said to be effective in improving the performance of the employees. This is primarily because, with increased pay and rewards, the employees would be further encouraged towards considering their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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