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MGT 5A1 Principles of Human Resources Assessment Task Specifications On this module the formative activities (developmental, pr - Essay Example

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Barclay’s Bank Kenya Human Resource Name Institution Any human resources’ department faces the important task of managing employees in an organization to ensure optimum results of the company. Research shows that human resource management contributes to eighty percent of the success of a business…
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MGT 5A1 Principles of Human Resources Assessment Task Specifications On this module the formative activities (developmental, pr
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Extract of sample "MGT 5A1 Principles of Human Resources Assessment Task Specifications On this module the formative activities (developmental, pr"

Download file to see previous pages The role of human resource in managing the employees plays a major role in the success of the business (Fisher, et al, 1990). The department is thorough in the recruitment of employees and only goes for the best qualified individuals in the market. Hiring is on merit. The human resource of Barclays Bank Kenya effectively takes part in the strategic plan of the company through ensuring effective communication from the employer to employees on company objectives. Another way the human resource of Barclays Bank stands out is the effective way in which it handles employee problems. They easily voice their concerns to the human resource without fear of victimization. Another benefit Barclays Kenya stands out for in the market is the benefits employees receive by working there. The company maintains a great pension scheme to allow the employees receive a good pension during retirement. In addition, human resource fosters good relations with employees by working on employee welfare. The bank holds an annual Family day to bring together the families of employees for a day of sports and fun. The bank also engages the employees in team building activities such as planting trees and offering community service. Human resource organizes community projects to allow employees give back to their communities. This gives employees a sense of pride and self realization by giving back to society. From the evident strong human resource management team in Barclays Bank Kenya, recommendations to other companies suggest that they borrow some of the strategies of the Bank to improve their own human resource departments. Barclays Bank is an international organization, and therefore has experience with several workers from various parts of the world and over a long period of time. Therefore, the human resource department of the company is mature in comparison to other companies. Many companies, especially in the developing world hire individuals based on prejudices such as ethnicity, nepotism, tribalism and discrimination. However, Barclays Bank Kenya, despite having its location in a developing company has a reputation of fairness in hiring as it takes employees based on merit only. Therefore, this practice ought to be adopted by many companies of the sort. A second recommendation that other companies ought to learn from Barclays Bank Kenya is the skill of listening to the opinions of employees. Many employees face harsh treatment and sometimes-unlawful dismissal due to airing of sensitive issues to management. However, the human resource ought to understand that employee opinion is fundamental in running a company and attaining the objectives. Complaints brought forward by employees require serious attention. Dismissing them as acts of rebellion by employees is naive and only leads to poor relations between employers and employees. Therefore, employee feedback requires encouragement, even if it incriminates the administration. Listening to employees reduces strikes, demonstrations and go slows. Therefore, other human resource departments ought to emulate the ethical behavior of Barclays Bank Kenya of listening to their employees and acting on the issues brought forth. In the long run, it promotes the success of the company due to encouraging good relationships between employees to the human resource department (Bianca, 2013). Companies receive recommendation to emulate the human resource practice of Barclays Bank ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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