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How Do the American Boss and the Chinese Subordinate Interact - Essay Example

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The paper “How Do the American Boss and the Chinese Subordinate Interact?” demonstrates how differently one and that work situation (the absence of an employee at work for family reasons) can be perceived by a boss and a subordinate who have different cultural backgrounds…
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How Do the American Boss and the Chinese Subordinate Interact
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Download file to see previous pages During the time I worked in that joint-venture, I got close with a Chinese female employee (here I just called her Lussa). Lussa was older than me and had been an employee of the Chinese firm long before the joint venture was formed with a US corporation. After the Chinese firm entered into the joint venture with American firms, there were some adjustments to the personnel arrangement as this is a common occurrence at the early stage of a joint venture, especially for merger and acquisition activities. When two firms or two business lines are joined, great efforts are needed to deal with integration in different departments including human resource, supply chain, financial, research and development. Lussa told me that when the former Chinese firm she has been working for merged with the US firm, great changes have been made in personnel. She was transferred to a different functional department and likewise, her boss also changed. The then new department B where she now worked for was led by an American.
Since I was a new person at that time, she gave me a lot of help in getting familiar with business operations and gave me some advice about how to get on well with the other colleagues. She said everything went well at the very beginning but they somehow changed later on and she got into some trouble. The reason is that Lussa had been late for work for several times and she was warned by her boss that if she is late again for work, she would face severe punishment, and would probably be fired if nothing changes. There is both oral and written warning against her absenteeism.
But she told me that the reason she was late for work was that her newly-born baby needed someone to take care of and her husband was too busy to take time out. Therefore, she had to wait for the babysitter before she leaves for work. But one day, just as she was about to leave for work, the babysitter called and said she would not be able to come. Lussa decided to stay at home that day, but the result is that she was fired by her boss.
In attempting to outline the ethical issues in the case given above to ascertain whether Lussa is right or wrong as well as to establish the person to blame between Lussa and her babysitter, it is important to highlight important factors as far as the concept of ethics is concerned. Basically, the term ethics is primarily concerned with distinguishing between what is good and bad while special attention is focused on issues of morality and professional conduct in an organization where honesty and integrity should be seen as the guiding principles. This is based on normative values which can be described as the “essential and enduring tenets” that help define the company and are “not to be compromised for financial gain or short term expediency,” (DesJardins 2006:5). In general, these can be regarded as the beliefs that incline us to act or to choose one way rather than the other. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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