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The Chinese and American Educational Systems - Essay Example

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In the essay “The Chinese and American Educational Systems” the author compares two educational systems from his experiences. Asian elementary through high schools pay more attention to academics than to extracurricular activities. This creates a competitive atmosphere…
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The Chinese and American Educational Systems
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Download file to see previous pages In the meanwhile, they lose a lot of fun, and that’s also a big part of school life, in my point of view.
In China, only professional athletic students are on the sports team. In the U.S., almost everybody plays at least one sport. American schools offer sports that almost every student can play for competition and fun. At my U.S. high school, when it was my turn to join a sports team, I found out I couldn’t even try a lot of sports on the list. It was almost impossible to pass the try-outs, but I was still encouraged to join a sport.
From birth, Asian children are told to be perfect, no matter how they feel about tasks, how much it costs, how long it takes. If you surveyed Chinese and American students, I bet most Chinese kids couldn’t name five things they like. They’re always resting in their spare time to relax from the overwhelming stress. American students work hard too, but seek fun instead of “perfecting” themselves. Extracurricular activities like drama, debate, and sports keep American students busy and teach us about more than just academics.
My schedule is full of AP classes, but compared with 13 hours of classroom work a day in a Chinese high school, I don’t feel much pressure. After growing up in my academic-oriented culture, I find it’s pretty easy for me to get on the honor roll or scholar’s list in my American high school. There are diligent American kids who get a higher GPA than I do, of course. And worldwide, high school students who win creativity contests are always Americans. So I deem the U.S. educational system is as effective as the Asian system, just in a different way.
Cultural values in the United States encourage equality in the educational system, as a general rule. In the U.S., people hold different political ideologies: liberal or conservative.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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