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The Difference between Chinese and American Culture - Coursework Example

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This coursework "The Difference between Chinese and American Culture"  describes general cultural differences, parenting style, education, drink culture, food culture, medicine, compromise…
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The Difference between Chinese and American Culture
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Extract of sample "The Difference between Chinese and American Culture"

Download file to see previous pages The social relationships between the two cultures also differ with Chinese adopting the formal and hierarchical structure, people appreciating their positions in the society and the customs and behavior that come with it, as compared to the informal and egalitarian American style which has less regard for social rankings and makes people easy with their social equals. More faith is placed on personal relationships among the Chinese unlike among the Americans where written rules take precedence, appreciated as a source for fairness and rational procedures and decisions.
Parenting in Chinese is based on the authority of parents, as well as obedience and respect by children. The Confucian philosophy causes in them the need to raise the children for the children’s good and bring their families honor. As such, parents are strict on their children’s studies and set high expectations from them. On the other hand, American parents consider their children as equals in their own right. They consider excellence in extracurricular activities as important as excellence in academics, thus children get to pursue what they are best in. Chan and Hsu find them more praising of their children than the Chinese parents (144). Chinese parenting fosters independence, with Jingjing observing that even at the age of three, Chinese children will still be fed by their parents who consider them to be vulnerable and dependent. In contrast, American children at the same age would be independent, feeding and playing by themselves.
Both the American and Chinese education systems are graded into different divisions, from kindergarten to twelfth grade. However, Austin observes that the Chinese system has xiǎo xué (elementary grade) and zhōng xué (middle school) for kindergarten to sixth grade and seventh to twelfth grade respectively which is different from the most common American system which has elementary, junior high school and high school for kindergarten to fifth grade, sixth to eighth grade and ninth to twelfth grade respectively. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Difference between Chinese and American Culture Coursework.
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The Difference Between Chinese and American Culture Coursework.
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