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Good Leaders Are Cross-Cultural Leaders - Essay Example

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The paper “Good Leaders Are Сross-Cultural Leaders” refers to Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher’s persons to demonstrate traits inherent to real charismatics- can delegate authority, share with the subordinate the vision of the organization’s goals, which contributes to their unity and maximum productivity. …
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Good Leaders Are Cross-Cultural Leaders
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Download file to see previous pages HRM differs from one organization to the other. It is a big challenge to become a successful international human resource manager. In any organization, there are policies and practices to be followed to effectiveness. All HRMs must develop skills, knowledge, and experience internationally to help boost the productivity of their firm. International Human Resource Manager, however, does not have a big difference with HRM; the only difference is that IHRM as the name suggests, is internationally recognized while HRM is just locally known. Mostly, HR managers are under IHR Managers and they act as their juniors. The effective combination of appropriate principles and IHRM practices leads to success in an organization.
Development of philosophies in leadership grows and changes as a leader develops through interactions. They also develop through learning in school courses, books, and one's life experiences. Because IHRM deals with interaction and movement from place to place over the national boundaries meeting different cultures, acknowledgment of the different cultures is important to ease communication (Houghton & Neck 2002). Nowadays culture has become a measurable variable representing the difference in social status, history, economic and political factors influencing interaction in society.
Cultural awareness is quite essential to any IHRM at a local headquarter and corporate settings. Operations of the IRHM like hiring, promoting, rewarding and firing of employees should not be done in relation to one's culture. Quality leadership can be looked at in the context of various famous leaders in the World. Leaders who have excelled in leadership and they have had a major difference in their way of ruling. All workers in an organization require strong, ethical and effective IHRM (John & Tim 2008). This is because they are all entitled to personal safety, freedoms, and rights as employees. A good and effective IHRM should not base their judgment on political, economic and technological advancement but on the societal needs and the benefit of all members of the organization. An effective IHRM must have leadership skills and styles due to the fast growth in the diversity of people’s needs nowadays. Many organizations should stop wasting time on responsibility and look up to their purpose and that is the work of the IRHM to look into. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Good Leaders Are Cross-Cultural Leaders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words)
Good Leaders Are Cross-Cultural Leaders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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