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Response of Effective Leaders to Diverse Team Environments - Case Study Example

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This paper "Response of Effective Leaders to Diverse Team Environments" discusses the varied behavioral and operational appearances of a leader in dealing with varied team scenarios. The diverse situation that may occur in modern team environments has been explained in the paper in question…
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Response of Effective Leaders to Diverse Team Environments
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Extract of sample "Response of Effective Leaders to Diverse Team Environments"

Download file to see previous pages An effective leader is the one who adapts to the changing scenarios in terms of the team he leads and also in terms of the circumstances that the team faces. Herscovitch and Meyer (2002) have confirmed that workplaces are faced with endless change (s), and Paton and McCalman, (2000) have further stated that effective management of that change is an important competency currently required by an organization

Advancement in technology, travel options, communications and liberalization of international business regulations has incorporated numerous possibilities of conditions with diverse natures within the work environment. This trend was found to increase in the early nineties. The transference of a command-driven economy to a market-driven one, sheltered markets to competitive ones, domestic trade to international trade and the trend of monopoly to the trend of competition has extensively made possible the chances and demand of diversity in the workforce setup and processes involved. However, these changes and demands are expected to have an upward trend in the coming years as well. Thus the challenges of the leaders to respond and to act according to the changing scenario in the team become very important. The pressure that a leader may feel to adapt to the abrupt changes in the work environment has been explained by Apker (2004).

A modern definition of culture is “the shared ways in which groups of people understand and interpret the world (Fons & Charles 1997,p.3-4). A diversity in the interpretation and understanding as defined by Fons & Charles is very possible to be experienced within any team of modern days mainly due to the resultants of globalization namely in- sourcing and out-sourcing. Moreover, the policies on the exchange of manpower among different nationalities promoted by the shortage of skilled manpower in many countries have led many working groups to hire people belonging to different countries with diverse cultures. International educational opportunities are also increasing the chances of a multi-cultural team.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Response of Effective Leaders to Diverse Team Environments Case Study, n.d.)
Response of Effective Leaders to Diverse Team Environments Case Study.
(Response of Effective Leaders to Diverse Team Environments Case Study)
Response of Effective Leaders to Diverse Team Environments Case Study.
“Response of Effective Leaders to Diverse Team Environments Case Study”.
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