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National Health Service Human Resource Planning - Term Paper Example

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This paper will examine the challenges posed to the Human Resources management sector in the wake of the spate of changes that are being experienced by National Health Service dentists especially in terms of sustaining their motivation and addressing some of the challenges that they face…
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National Health Service Human Resource Planning
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Extract of sample "National Health Service Human Resource Planning"

Download file to see previous pages There are about 1500 primary care dentists who are working on a salaried basis with the NHS, in most cases employed by primary care trusts. This group of individuals was a part of the local government earlier but in 1974, they were transferred into the NHS. (Personnel Today, 2007). Starting from the year 1997 onwards, the U.K. Department for Education and Employment had allowed for additional funding of $7.2 million to ensure that medical schools are able to pay clinical academia staff the awards that have been recommended for doctors and dentists in the NHS, by the Doctors and Dentists Review Body (Beecham, 1996). This move was initiated to introduce pay parity because university employers found it difficult to pay the 3.8% increase recommended by the Doctors and Dentists Review Body. Since Universities are one of the primary sources for NHS dentists, the increased availability of funds has worked in favor of retaining dentists who opt to work with the NHS instead of choosing to go private.
NHS dentists individuals perform a variety of duties including carrying out public dental health programs and delivering specialized care such as the administration of dental care under general anesthesia. In the year 2006, contracts were initiated for dentists and payments owing under the earlier system to NHS dentists were paid up ( Pay structures and career incentives in 1974 were still framed on the basis of local government structures, but this was revised on the basis of negotiations between NHS Employers and the British Dental Association and the changes were implemented from the beginning of 2008. The proposals include an overhaul of career structures for dentists who are salaried and also include formal appraisal and job planning processes (Personnel Today, 2007). The objective of these changes is to provide a clear and flexible career structure for dentists. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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