How personality and individual differences effect on motivation - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the impact of individual and personality differences on organisational behaviour and employee motivation. It states, varying personalities have both positive and negative traits that have the tendency to either do well to an organisation or ruin its entire structure…
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How personality and individual differences effect on motivation
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that personality refers to those characteristics of the person that account for consistent patterns of feelings, thinking, and behaving. When it comes to an organisational environment, there are a large variety of people who can be distinguished on the basis of their personality and behaviour. Pervin, Cervone and John further explained their definition by saying that differences in these personality traits impact the organisational behaviour and employee motivation. Personality can be treated as a guiding factor of any individual. In fact, individual differences are referred to variations in personality as well as ability. It is the difference in individual personalities that give way to the job of a psychologist whose main task is to identify the exceptionality in individuals. In general, when the thought of a person’s personality traits, the questions that come up are why some are talkative while others speak less, why some are too joyful while others are very reserved and so on. These variations are termed as individual differences in psychology. Individual differences in people can be classified on the basis of two factors: the genetic framework of an individual and the situational factors around him. The genetic framework refers to the characteristic features an individual possess from their ancestors. In other words, it refers to the qualities of nature that a person is born with. On the other hand, the situational factors deal with the environment in which a creature operates. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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