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Reality Show - Personal Statement Example

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Television is one of the most powerful media today and has made its way into adorning the homes of millions! The very fact that television shows have and continue to receive high viewership and TRP Ratings stand testimony to the extreme popularity of the television in the 20th and 21st centuries…
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Reality Show
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Extract of sample "Reality Show"

R. Preeti 26th April, 2007 Reality Show with a Difference! Television is one of the most powerful media today and has made its way into adorning the homes of millions! The very fact that television shows have and continue to receive high viewership and TRP Ratings stand testimony to the extreme popularity of the television in the 20th and 21st centuries. Clearly, the television is one of the biggest boons of technology-how else can you watch the cricket world cup taking place at the Caribbean, right in the comforts of your drawing room
The growth of the mass media, particularly the television has attracted many individuals and has encouraged them towards pursuing a career in the stream of broadcast media. From acting to production, from camera-handling to costumes, the television industry is on the swell, attracting numerous individuals with employment opportunities. And who would not love to be a part of the whole glitz and glamour! Of course, I am no exception to this. If given the opportunity to become part of the television industry and conceptualize my own television reality show, I would ensure that my show contains all the ingredients required for a super hit show.
Reality shows are television shows that usually involve hosts, judges and participants. The show evolves by the participation and judgment of the participants' abilities that are tested during the event of the show, by the judges. The participants could be the general public or even celebrities. The host is usually a well-spoken, attentive and interactive person, who knows how to make the participants feel at home, while also talking about their talents and capabilities. He acts as the link between the participants and judges, as also between the viewers and the people on the show!
The main motivation for a reality show is usually to extract the very essence of people participating in the show, helping them exhibit their talents and also fine-tuning themselves, besides showcasing the person to the world. I do possess some brilliant ideas and concepts for my reality show. However, one also needs to keep the pulse of the audience in mind, before embarking on a set concept for the show.
My reality show would be motivated by the strong requisite to bring those people who aspire to make it big in the field of Mass Communication and Journalism. These participants could emerge from various walks of life. However, what binds them together, is their undying passion for the field of Mass Media and the drive to make it big someday! It is the need of the hour, to help recognize the talent that could take over the media industry. The pioneers of Mass Media had envisaged the motive to provide factual information, check the society and relieve it of its evils, while also providing entertainment and keeping up the social responsibility. Somewhere down the line, we have lost this very motive and have become pioneers of sensationalizing news and resorting to paparazzi activities.
My reality show would specifically target the youth and their mentors-parents, teachers, guides and the like. The show shall incorporate interesting and innovation rounds, wherein the caliber of the participants is portrayed for all to see. The participants would be divided into groups, based on their field of interest---Print media, Broadcast Media and the new Media. The show shall accept entries for participation, based on consecutive rounds of questionnaires, interviews, views, skill-sets, aptitude and attitude tests.
The host of my talk show shall be a rising star, someone who is perceived as a youth icon. The show would also telecast the interaction of the host with the participants, on a variety of subjects. There would be trainers and mentors on the show, to transmit skill-based learning and to aid in the improvement of the abilities of participants. In addition to this, the judges invited would be stalwarts from the various streams of Mass Media who would assess, critically evaluate and also pass on valuable skills to the participants, based on the grouping that has been made. The winners in each group shall see the opening of doors for rewarding careers, in their specialization!
What would make this show even more interesting, is the participation of viewers and audiences, besides the contests that would be a part of the show. An opportunity would be provided for viewers, wherein they could write in some interesting and novel ideas that an episode could incorporate . Two best entries shall receive the opportunity to address an issue of general importance or interview a personality of their choice, on weekends, as a part of the show. The show could also organize youth empowerment campaigns and interactive sessions in colleges, schools, educational institutions, sports academies, various other training centers, etc. All this would be a part of the one-hour reality show, that I have conceptualized.
This show could be the next block-buster on television, due to its reach amongst the viewers, the interaction and the ability granted to the viewers to make great career opportunities, while living their dreams! The audience-participation on weekends and in contests would only pay way for increased awareness on issues and clarify misconceptions. This would go a great way in capitalizing on the power of the masses, in the form of citizen journalism, thus increasing the answerability and transparency of those in powerful positions. It would also be the answer to integrate and organize youth culture, transmit ethics and morals, strengthen future options and careers and increase the involvement of families in the lives of the millions of youth viewers!
After all, mass media should not only be used as a tool to provide entertainment. They also possess the bounden duty of social responsibility and bringing together various classes of the masses! My talk show is the ultimate answer for entertainment, social responsibility and motivation for the world to see! Read More
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Reality Show Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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