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The following essay “Shark Tank as the Next-Step Reality Show” will discuss the ABC’s show “Shark Tank”, which depicts aspiring entrepreneurs presenting their business ideas, companies or opportunities to a cluster of high net worth businesspersons…
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Shark Tank as the Next-Step Reality Show
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 Shark Tank as the Next-Step Reality Show
ABC’s show “Shark Tank” depicts aspiring entrepreneurs presenting their business ideas, companies or opportunities to a cluster of high net worth businesspersons. “Shark Tank” is considered one of the best reality shows on television today owing to the millions of viewers it attracts. However, it is worth noting that the drama is naturally increased and the personality certainly promoted. “Shark Tank” has the same quick-cut, tolerable, and enjoyable features as other reality programs. As a result, “Shark Tank” has several features that make the show the next-step reality show. These features are also responsible for making the show appear exceptionally realistic.
First, the programmer’s creation of syndicates and competition amongst investors forms meaning constriction. In the real business world, great business persons and organizations are not plenty. When the “sharks” in “Shark Tank” come across a good business opportunity or idea, they become excited and jointly seek a share in the business through capital, profits, and/or share propositions. At this point, the sharks will contest amongst each other to get the whole, or at least a huge part of the deal. This is always excellent for the potential entrepreneur. At the same time, the programmer will form financier syndicates thereby working with each other to attain certain deals. Therefore, if a deal would gain from two or more of the sharks’ sphere of influence or connects, the financiers may come together and invest jointly. The constriction of “Shark Tank” is possibly over and above that in the reality. More constriction that will remain a trend in the reality show is the concealment of what takes place amongst the investors, entrepreneurs, and programmers in private.
Second, the programmer’s intention of building big personalities creates traction that always outdoes the same personality. From the viewers’ perspectives, this traction is actually what keeps “the show alive.” For instance, when Joseph Moore from the First Defense Nasal Screens pitched his company on “Shark Tank” for nasal screens, the sharks were inclined to stay away from venturing into Moore’s company. Moore was passionate about his business because he strongly believed he owned a seemingly good business opportunity. However, Moore was a terrible presenter or showman. As a result, Moore’s product lost resonation from the sharks. Just when the sharks had completely lost interest in the business, Moore said he had a multi-million dollar request from Saudi Arabia. Kevin O’Leary, one of the sharks, forcefully asked Moore why he did not begin his presentation with this information. This situation is what the programmer seeks from the show to prove that traction, energy, real sales, and business performance surpasses personality.
Third, and lastly, the audience of “Shark Tank” is seemingly kept away from the information or scenes that tell a lot about the entrepreneurs’ business or business opportunity that are of no interest to investors. Otherwise known as filtering, the investors will only deal with ideas or businesses they are familiar with. For example, business, products or services with a fashion or clothing angle mostly catch the attention of Daymond John, or contracts or business patents mostly catch the Kevin O’Leary’s attention since he is more familiar with this kind of business than any other shark in the show.
“Shark Tank” is the next-step reality show because of the presence of the aforementioned qualities, which also stand out when compared to other reality shows. “Shark Tank” also has a preference for the next-big-thing tendencies and plunges into the American philosophy of entrepreneurship with all the teachings of what is functional today, and what is dysfunctional. “Shark Tank” is apparently made for TV so the financiers develop immense character traits and act outrageously to create necessary drama that amuses readers. Read More
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