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Demo speech for public speaking communication class - Essay Example

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Valentine’s Day has just gone by a few days ago, and I am sure most of you are looking forward to the next years Valentine’s Day to have a repeat of what you enjoyed this year. However, I am here to tell you that you do not have to wait until…
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Demo speech for public speaking communication class
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Download file to see previous pages sbands hearts, or young girls grooming for marriage, experts attribute that the shortest and best way to reach there is through his stomach and what a better way than using a delicious split banana sweet? This does not exclude the men and young boys who too want to impress their wives and girlfriends respectively, as the preparation process is very simple, and the ingredients requires are cheap and readily available at local stores and groceries.
Men can also join in during the preparation to share quality time with their loved ones and families. It is important to listen and learn how to prepare this desert because it is simple, easy to prepare, tasty, and affordable with one going for about $ 15 each. I learnt how to prepare this kind of sweet from a good friend of mine while we were still in high school, though back in those days we called it banana and biscuit layers, and not the modern Arabic style split banana sweet. The ingredients used in this preparation are equally good for your health as each has important sugars, calories and vitamins that the body needs for development. The cream for instance, is both tasty and rich in calories, and so is the banana, which is equally sweet and rich in vitamins. However, I need to mention that the cream, which is rich in calories, should be taken in small amounts to avoid risks attributed to having excess sugars in the body, such as diabetes and obesity.
Just like any other desert, this split banana sweet desert requires specific ingredients in order to prepare a delicious desert. The ingredients used are the ones that determine the outcome of the desert, as well as the flavor and style of preparation. These are some of the ingredients required for the preparation of an Arabic split banana sweet
It is best to have all these ingredients first before proceeding to prepare the split banana sweet, as this will enable you to concentrate appropriately on what you are preparing. In addition, this concentration will yield in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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