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In the paper “Motivation towards Becoming a PA” the author provides his initial plan to pursue a career in medicine. Biomedical research is an effectual medium through which he can understand not only the reason behind the health inequalities but also enhance his knowledge…
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Please describe your motivation towards becoming a PA Healthy life and advanced medical benefits are the right of every human being. There are many medical illnesses and diseases that have a devastating effect on a person’s life and sometimes no cure is even available. Biomedical research is a very vast and diverse area of research that works towards understanding various illnesses and eliminating the health disparities experienced by many. Although my initial plan was to pursue a career in medicine, but my dedication towards making a difference around me and returning back to the community, led to a change in my plans and goals in life. Biomedical research is an effectual medium through which I can understand not only the reason behind the health inequalities but also enhance my knowledge and intellectual experience through a knowledgeable and diverse Master of Science in Biology program.
I have been interested in the biomedical field and related subjects since my undergraduate years when I used to enjoy the laboratory practical work in the microbiology, genetics and biochemistry subjects. Laboratory work inspired me more as it challenged positively to flourish as a leader in the laboratory groups and as a scientist who enjoys research and practical work. My experience in the laboratory work polished my analytical skills, critical analysis and articulating my scientific ideas in a systematic and comprehensive manner. My experience during the undergraduate years urged me to pursue my career as a Physician Assistant and the Master of Science in Biology program will support and help me to gain my goal in an efficient and proficient manner.
My first encounter with the biomedical research was through the McNair Scholars Program in which I had to assist Dr. Floyd Wormley for eight continuous weeks. His research work focused on investigating a vaccine that prevents and treats a fungal pathogen called Cryptococcus neoformans. I mastered various pathological and biochemical procedures and techniques during my assistance program. I worked on the lab rats observing their lung tissue pathologies and mastered immunohistochemistry after several attempts. After several tedious efforts I was able to come up with a rewarding outcome, which I could present at the Annual McNair Scholars Seminar at the Penn State University. This experience was extremely rewarding and the different biochemical laboratory techniques aided me learning and pathological skills as well. I have also been a part of a medical Anthropology upper-level course. This subject grasped by interest because a humanistic approach towards the medical field is important and vital for gaining the aims of combating disease and illness.
The Master of Science in Biology program will help me attain high-level researching skills and also strengthen my education in biology. Working with various scientists who were conducting important researches such as Dr. Gerzon Peltz’s publications regarding Hispanic women and nutrition in Mexican Americans and Dr.Garrido-Sanabria’s research related to epilepsy have increased my desire to achieve high standards of education and research skills in biology and research techniques. Studying this program will help me to become a skillful Physician Assistant with a humanistic approach towards biomedical research and decreasing the prevalent health discrepancies. Read More
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