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The materials provided the required information to enable us have a broader perspective not only about performance management, but also a wide range of internal and external aspects that have a significant impact on this system.
In additional to the importance highlighted…
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Employee rewards and performance management
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The materials provided to facilitate units 7 and 8 are quite resourceful. Both the reading and audio are very educational in a professional level. The materials provided the required information to enable us have a broader perspective not only about performance management, but also a wide range of internal and external aspects that have a significant impact on this system.
In additional to the importance highlighted above, the reward system serves to make the work group more coherent in the organization. As such, the reward system works to motivate the employees. Still, the reward system has been credited for high rate of worker’s retention in companies that have assimilated the system.
It is important for leaders of a particular team within an organization to should focus on individual performance and thus cumulatively the entire group will post very good returns. The team leader should focus on improving the output of each and every member. As such, it is important to bring on board individuals who are performers. This is normally done when workers are being recruited for various posts.
According to the material, the team leader should focus not only on the positive issues that affect the group, but also should put measures that solve negative issue that impact the group. As such, the group should recognize each and every effort put by the team members regardless of the results that it yielded. The correct model of rewarding should ensure that appraisals are used to meet the intended purpose. The approached used in the system includes steps such as Measurement, Feedback, Positive Reinforcement, Exchange of Views and Agreement.
After carefully analyzing the materials, I have come to realize that constructing a well thought-out technique to designing the performance appraisal is key to ensuring that the entire group works harmoniously to achieve the intended goals. The team should carry out regular assessment on the appraisal model to make sure that it serves the intended purpose of encouraging good results.
The course has enabled me to gain a better insight on leadership. As such, I have been able to develop leadership skills that include effective collaborative practice and confidentiality that are essential when managing a team. The module has changed my perspectives on various issues that surround the reward system and leadership and management in totality. Read More
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