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How organizations change toward a high reliability culture evaluate and discuss - Essay Example

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Factors such as changes in customer demands, market competition, and technological innovation depicts that modern enterprises are situated in a dynamic changing era. Thus, it forces enterprises to…
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How organizations change toward a high reliability culture evaluate and discuss
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Download file to see previous pages In a high reliability organization, there is psychological inertia, thinking inertia and behavioral habits of most employees (Verweij, 2011). Thus, any organizational change has to consider encouraging cultural reliability. The essay tends to study how organizations change toward a high reliability culture, that is, a culture that has systems in place that enables organization to accomplish its goals and avoid catastrophic errors.
A high reliability organization is an institution that has succeeded in avoiding catastrophes in an ecosystem where accidents are expected because of complexity and risk factors. Besides, it refers to the internal efficient management mechanism and investigation on early warning mechanism of safety (Stacey, 2011). Reliability culture entails the use of behavioral science theory of human beings to plan, organize, distribute, lead and control their behaviors to increase the safety and reliability of organizations. High reliability organizations mainly focus on risk management that originates from organizational demand on risk mitigation model (Von, 2008). The risk reduction model applies to organizations in which certain changes can create catastrophes. The risk mitigation model masters the complexity and risk factors in organizations effectively. For instance, the model applies to aviation and aerospace fields, aircraft control system, nuclear power plant, medical industry and fire protection sector. In an analysis of high-risk organizations, the continuous increase of complexity of operation system and interdependence among each part increases (Johnson, Scholes & Whittington, 2011). Organizations with high risk and complexity, the failure of a system would influence the functions of other sections that may cause further catastrophes. Under such background, it is necessary to study how to mitigate risk in high reliability organizations. Therefore, organizations often change ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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