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Socialization process is very important in developing a dedicated, loyal and productive employee in that they would be helped adapt to the culture of the organization which ultimately shapes the behaviour of all members within that particular firm. Employee training and…
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Forum discussion- reply to Duane on my post
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Socialization process is very important in developing a dedicated, loyal and productive employee in that they would be helped adapt to the culture ofthe organization which ultimately shapes the behaviour of all members within that particular firm. Employee training and development are some of the aspects that constitute the socialization process. When developing strategies for staff training and development, managers should take into account things such as identifying the areas that need improvement as well as the actual training program that can be implemented (Robbins, 1993). In my current organization, I think the implementation and development initiatives are effective in that they are properly planned and carefully implemented in order to meet the needs of the employees and the organization as a whole. The human resources management is tasked with identifying the training needs of the employees as well as identifying the gap that exists between their current performance standards and the desired level of performance. The training program is then molded on the basis of this information and is goal oriented. The major strength of the implementation process of the training and development program mentioned above is that it is twofold; it is designed to fulfill the needs and interests of both the employees and the organization. However, the only weakness that can be seen from this program is that it could be subjective at times. The trainers may tend to incorporate their personal views in the training program instead of focusing on the needs of the employees. In order to improve this, collective decision making should be implemented within the organization. This will help to reflect the needs and interests of all members of the organization.
Robbins, S.P. (1993). Organizational behavior: Concepts, controversies and applications. Engel
Wood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Read More
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