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The terms seem to be quite similar and nature and sound as if both are one and the same thing but the fact of the matter is that they are completely different from each other and…
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Long question answer
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Download file to see previous pages Here, some of the differences between the terms recruitment and selection are being enumerated which are very basic and initial in nature, for the purpose of the betterment and the clear understanding of the line managers.
One of the foremost differences between the recruitment and selection is that of the nature of the processes. The former is a positive process which includes the calling of all the applicants or candidates for the job opening or employment and the latter is a negative process which includes the choosing of the suitable or appropriate candidate or applicant for the job opening. But some further light should be shed on the differences between recruitment and selection.
The term recruiting means the process of finding the suitable candidates for a specific job. The criteria are given in the advert or the recruiting agency or the HR office or any other place. All the persons that meet the criteria of the respective advert are able to recruit themselves with the employment agency or what ever the source may be. There is no discretion of the administration of the respective agency or the source, in terms of hiring or not hiring the person who meets the criteria defined for the recruitment. Therefore, if a person meets the criteria of recruitment then, the manager or even the high administration cannot stop him from being hired. The condition is that he meets the criteria perfectly and is not disqualified otherwise. The most common example of the recruitments is the Army of any country. Let us take the example of U.S military. Once a person has cleared all the tests and the physical training programs, which are criteria for the recruitment of military, no one can stop him from being a part of the U.S military. It is hoped that the concept of recruitment is clear to some extent.
Some light is now shed on the other term, known as selection. Selection is referred to as the opposite of recruitment in some cases. Most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Long Question Answer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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