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The goal will be to establish a host of important steps towards gaining the right possession of skills in my preferred area of engagement. This…
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Learning agreement
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Module Learning Agreement Given that the summer period is here, I choose to use my time I making the best out of it and enrollingfor an unpaid internship. The goal will be to establish a host of important steps towards gaining the right possession of skills in my preferred area of engagement. This report will summarize my intended internship program.
The name of the company I will be working for is the Jeong Wholesome Restaurant located 5115 Spring Mountain Rd., Ste 228, Las Vegas, NV. The restaurant is a busy establishment that will provide me with the skills I need. I will be working in the Food and Beverage Department under the leadership of Mr. Kim. This will be the best opportunity to capitalize on his experience as well as maximize on the growing interactions I will have with other employees at the workplace. The department has three main areas where I will spend at least five hours a week at each to learn as much as I can during my internship program. This will provide at least three intense rotations as explained below.
The first rotation will involve the shelving of the goods as they come. With the busy schedules here, the number of suppliers is also high and the work required when shelving will be intense. I will be receiving the supplies and making sure that they are shelved. Before shelving hem, I will have to check the expiry date. This will mean that the first foods to go will be those having short expiry dates and making sure that the arrangement reflects the need to follow the restrictions accorded (Ojugo 116-7). The obsolete stock will have to be shelved in other areas away from the fresh supplies. I will also need to take stock of the expired stock, spoiled stock, damaged stock and provide evidence of the same. In the process of documenting these stocks, I will have to check on the environment of the stocks and make sure that everything is working as required. The goal is to establish the proper storage requirements and standards (Ojugo 117).
The second rotation will involve serving. With the growing need to make everything work towards the growth of my skills, it is only important to learn how to make good servings and also appreciate cleanliness as a way of making everyone happy with my work. I understand that the pressures emanating from the different orders within the workplace will always make it difficult to reach the level of indulgence needed to attain growth within my preferred level of indulgence. The third rotation will be in the management sector where I will be conducting trainings. The aim is to ensure that the workplace attains the level of growth needed to create and enhance the skills therein. This will also allow me to remember everything needed to make the workplace better and entrench all skills learned within the company and change things that may have slowed its profitability.
The goals I set to achieve within the prescribed timeframe will mainly major on dealing with the issues taking place with the restaurant. I want to be the best in making these rotations work as well as make sure that I understand what improvements I need in my work. To raise my competence, I will strive to learn as much as I can through inquiries, questions and interviews with the staff in the restaurant. Will use my time around Mr. Kim to learn as much as I can and capitalize on his knowledge by writing down everything I can about my strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of growth.
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Ojugo, Clement. Practical Food and Beverage Cost Control. New York: Cengage Learning, 2009. Print. Read More
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