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NAFTA's Frame and Structural Functioning: Role of Mainstream Discourse of the American Public Sphere - Research Paper Example

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Name of Student 5 October 2010 NAFTA’s Frame and Structural Functioning: Role of Mainstream Discourse of the American Public Sphere It is believed that when two or more than two countries become aware of the need of co-operational measures in different domestic and foreign aspect of their constituency they develop a broad philosophy, as an upshot of which ‘treaties’ or “Agreements” are born…
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NAFTAs Frame and Structural Functioning: Role of Mainstream Discourse of the American Public Sphere
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Download file to see previous pages Whilst discussing treaties and agreements, it is indispensable to leave out the diverse types of agreements which are considered the most important and imperative. Some of these essential conformities include International Investment Agreement, International Taxation Agreements and most importantly Trade and Commerce Agreements. The most widespread term that crops up as a ‘hear ye, hear ye’ in nature when trade agreements are conferred, is “NAFTA”. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is one of the most important accords signed by the American government. This agreement has been shared with the governments of two most central bordering areas of the United States i.e. Mexico and Canada. This agreement came into power on 1 January, 1994. The administrative centers of this agreement are in Mexico City, Ottawa, and Washington, D.C. NAFTA was signed between President George H. W. Bush of US, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney of Canada and Mexican President Carlos Salinas. Following were the advantages and rationales of the generation of this concurrence: 1. Increase in Trade: NAFTA was signed by the three countries to amplify the trade the trade process so that more and more items could be imported and exported to and from these countries. It was about time that the trio apprehend and grasped the magnitude of trade for their realms. As Tamarkin and Bayer have clarified that “The lifeblood of global connections is world trade. There is evidence of human trading from prehistoric times.” (288) 2. Augmented Immigration: As far as the area of benefit is concerned when it comes to the state of Mexico, signing this agreement was important because the NAFTA agreement ostensibly eggs on superior colonization among the trio. The increase immigration from Mexico to the US has become even more of a flashpoint. Whereas the case is not similar when it comes to the relationship between Canada and the US, or between Canada and Mexico. 3. Economic and Political Union: According to many observations NAFTA has been referred to as a union of the same genus as the European Union (EU). To unite on a political and economic stage it is believed that the government shall aid for programs “both bilaterally and through major multilateral partners.” (41) 4. Competitiveness In The Global Marketplace: It is estimated that each year in Canada the American corporations vend over one to one point five trillion dollars in merchandise and services. In barter, oil is sold to the United States by the Canadian administration. Dan Steinbock affirms that “The spirit of persistent determination is seized in the moment of adversity.” (65) This has resulted in the increase of competitiveness in the marketplace on a global level. 5. Protection and Enforcement Of Intellectual Property Rights: The protection and enforcement of the intellectual property rights of the immigrants was also a main point of contemplation and needed to be worked upon. Hence, when the NAFTA was signed this point was covered and any disputes in the relationships of these three countries were eliminated. 6. Elimination of Tariffs: The tax that is positioned on traded goods is called ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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