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Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study - Research Paper Example

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Romance at the place of work is expected to happen because the offices consist of individuals who share common interests and relate with one another on a daily basis (case study, N.d, p.65). Therefore, it is vital for the managers to accept this situation and embrace it, but at…
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Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study
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Extract of sample "Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study"

Download file to see previous pages The consensual relationship agreement (CRA) involves the two individuals acknowledging that their relationship is voluntary and promising to behave professionally while at the place of work. They also agree to behave ethically, therefore not offending other employees with their behavior; favoritism between them is discouraged. Moreover, the involved parties at the workplace are required to sign the consensual relationship agreement and abide to its rules and regulations.
However, workplace romance can at times compromise the employees’ concentration, especially when the two lovebirds work in the same place. According to Amaral (2006, p.1), the mixture of genders in the places of work and time spent together creates room for growth of romantic feelings towards the employees, which yields to significant consequences. Most managers are sued by their employees for sexual harassment and failed relationships. Therefore, CRA works as a savoir for employers in such situations. In addition, a relationship that has the potential of yielding to a lawsuit is not worth it; therefore, CRAs creates a balance between individual interests.
According to Amaral (2006, p.1), office romance has serious repercussions such as low productivity, as other employees believe that the boss is favoring his partner who is an employee. Therefore, in my future workplace, I would recommend the use of consensual relationship agreements, as their rules oppose favoritism and encourage professionalism. Upon signing this agreement, the involved parties are expected to comply with the rules and regulations of the CRAs.
Consensual relationship agreements also reduce legal issues associated with sexual harassment. Upon signing a consensual relationship agreement, the parties attest that they are in the relationship voluntarily, and therefore, sexual harassment is out of question. In addition, CRA ensures that a relationship ends amicably, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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