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As change is an inevitable part of the organization, it is expected that as often as possible, the employees will see change. However when change becomes very frequent,…
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Keeping Momentum
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School: Topic: KEEPING MOMENTUM Lecturer: Why momentum fizzle out so soon The ideal wish of any HR professional will be to sustain the momentum that comes with the change process. As change is an inevitable part of the organization, it is expected that as often as possible, the employees will see change. However when change becomes very frequent, apathy can set within the employees, causing their momentum to support the change process to the end to fizzle out soon (Denton, 1996). The two factors outline below contributes to momentum that dies out so soon in the organization.
Centering change around few people
In a typical organization, how well a person or an employee feels to be part of a change process determines who involving such a person will be in implementing the change. That is, people who feel their inputs, contributions and ideas are not needed as part of the implementation process are very likely to sit back and watch others do things. In effect, centering the change or implementation process round only few people is a major cause for the momentum to fizzle out. After all such a situation means that there will be only few people bringing their momentum together and so it will not be long when the apathy of others catches up with them.
No sustained motivation
Sustained momentum for the implementation of any change process can be likened to sustained motivation among the people involved with the change process. This is to mean that even when enough people are included as stakeholders of change these people need additional motivation that can be sustained if the sustainability of momentum for the change process can be guaranteed (Shapiro, 2010). In any organization, the types of motivation needed by employees or stakeholders of change could be either intrinsic or extrinsic (Denton, 1996). When these types of motivation are absent, the expected levels of momentum cannot be guaranteed.
What needs to be known about sustaining momentum?
There are three major forms of inclusion that change managers must be aware of if they can adequately sustain momentum for any implementation.
Cultural inclusion
It is important for the change or its implementation to be coiled around the collective culture of the organization. As the organizational culture defines the ideology, philosophies and ways of doing things, any change implemented with the culture can be assured to be permanent since the organizational culture is relatively permanent. It is therefore important that the implementation of change will not be done in a manner that is contrary or sidelines the organizational culture.
People inclusion
The effect of including few people in the change implementation has already been outlined above. For a typical organization, it is important for managers to know that people are the pivot that make the change run. When the implementation is done in a manner that is included in the people’s approach to work can therefore guarantee sustainability. That is, the change that takes place must not be seen to be an alien approach to how the employees have known things to be done in all the years they have worked at the organization (Shapiro, 2010).
Structural inclusion
Because the organizational structure holds the organizational system in place, refusing to implement the change around the structure can lead to a collapse of the change process, earlier than expected. Meanwhile such collapse only signifies that the change has not been sustained at all. In the light of this, it is important to know the organization’s structure and clearly identify how a particular approach to the implementation can affect it. For example, a hierarchical structure may not work very well with a change that uses a delegation approach to leadership.
Denton, D. K. (1996). Four simple rules for leading change. Empowerment in Organizations, 4(4), 59.
Shapiro, J. (2010). Benchmarking the benchmarks. HRMagazine, 55(4), 43-46. Read More
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