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Defining moments - Essay Example

Throughout life, people come across defining moments. To some people, it may be an award, a favorite memory, or an obstacle overcome. I feel it is these lessons and powerful moments that help define who we are, and make us the people we are supposed to be. Through these moments, we learn who we really are, what we truly believe in, and what makes up our being as a person. It is through these life defining moments that people truly shine, and the true beauty and success in every person can show through.
During my senior year in high school, I had thus defining moment for myself. I had hoped and dreamed to become a sports prefect, and it was a high regarded position in my high school. This was my dream for my high school sport's career, and it was the high goal I set for myself to achieve. I felt that through hard work, dedication, and perseverance, I could fulfill this dream.
However, my dream was cut short, and an unfortunate reality sunk in I was utterly disappointed when the position I had long sought after was given to somebody else, I could not believe I had not received it. I was extremely upset, and felt like I had deserved the honor not the person who everyone else must have thought deserved it, and most of all I was angry with myself. "Had I not been good enough, and had the work I given not been enough for this honor" I asked myself. Ever since the first moment I stepped foot inside the doors of the high school, I devoted my soul to these sports, and now I felt as if everything

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I worked for was for naught. It was as if all the hard work, time, and passion I hade given to this sport family was for nothing, and I felt unappreciated and unwanted. I felt this was extremely unfair, and was not happy with this decision at all.
Ironically however, my team support, support for the coaches, and even the prefect elect became all the more strong. I learned and tried to show that it wasn't all about the title, and I was there to devote myself fully to the team, and I continued to do so. That was the real reason I had worked all those years, and I continued to let my hard work and dedication shine. Prefect or not, I was still going to give one hundred and ten percent of myself to the team I had grown to love. I had shown this team the kind of person I was, and the tough stuff I was made of, and I wasn't going to let one little bump in the road offset my love for the team.
This hard work finally was noticed one day in the second semester. It was then, that my Coach told me something I could not believe. He told me that he regretted not making me the sports prefect! I was so happy, and felt appreciated again. Nobody apparently expected me to keep giving all I had to the team, and in my determination to do so, my love for the sport came through to people even more. I did work that was not my responsibility, and because of this, my heart and spirit really came out. As I continued to keep working hard, this became noticeable, as I found out when my coach talked to me.
During the next semester, I had another shocking surprise. I was walking down the hall, and saw my name posted on the notice board for receiving an award. This was two weeks prior to the year's speech and award ceremony, and I couldn't believe my name was up there for an award. I was a little excited, and wondered what award I was receiving. I got slightly excited as well, wondering exactly what honorable award was to be bestowed to me. Later that day my coach told me I was receiving the best all around student award, on behalf of my extreme dedication to the team, and well as my good academic standings. I was so excited to finally see all my hard work pay off and be appreciated.
I feel I learned a lot through out this experience, and I think that award means more to me than prefect ever could, because I worked hard, and learned that through hard work I can achieve and soar to any dream I want to. The feeling I felt when my coach talked to me, and when I got to walk up and receive the award is a feeling I will remember for the rest of my life. Stepping up to receive that award, I finally felt all my dreams come true, and my passion and love for everything I had worked for came together. I feel this was my defining life moment, and had the greatest effect on the person I am today.


Throughout life, people come across defining moments. To some people, it may be an award, a favorite memory, or an obstacle overcome. I feel it is these lessons and powerful moments that help define who we are, and make us the people we are supposed to be…
Author : gutkowskidamian
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Defining moments
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