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Performance Analysis Between Told by and Idiots The Horse You Rode In On and Earthfalls The Factory - Essay Example

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Performance analysis Introduction Told by an Idiot is measured as the widely accepted company which promotes innovative stage shows and plays. The company has introduced different strategies for its plays and permits the viewer to watch humor and music in a unique style…
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Performance Analysis Between Told by and Idiots The Horse You Rode In On and Earthfalls The Factory
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Extract of sample "Performance Analysis Between Told by and Idiots The Horse You Rode In On and Earthfalls The Factory"

Download file to see previous pages Analysis of a play or a stage show initially demands the nature of its theme and in this point of viewer can make out the theme of political satire in And the Horse Your Rode In On. It is not possible for a viewer or critic to approach the Horse Your Rode In On merely an entertainment and the plays have need of a special attention from the viewer because of its effort of social criticism. In the same way, the dance program entitled The Factory bestows a new theatrical experience for the viewer through its magnificent performance. As a piece of popular theatrical performance, both Told by an Idiot and Eartfall made a unique effort in creating their latest works as a delighting one. It is obvious that And the Horse Your Rode in On captures the attention of its viewers through its theme and unique structure. Unlike And the Horse Your Rode in On, Ear fall’s The Factory marked its greatness through its magnificent movements. Both of them have their own compensations as well limitations in designing and performance. Hayley Carmichael and Paul Hunter tackle politics in first time and most of the events in this stage show concerned with politics and related violence. Advocates of the show design the performance of the characters of the show with the presence of number of intersecting narratives which illustrates political events. In this respect Brian Logan observes; “the show's ostensible subject is "extreme acts of violence and the lengths people will go for their beliefs" (Logan, 2011). Producers of the show effectively used the possibilities of black humor in their play. Director practices variety of performance strategies like mime, singing, one act play, and fart noises. All these techniques help the viewer to justify the intentions of its makers. The image of Conrad’s bomb-carrying anarchist permits the viewer to analyze the existence of armed revolution in modern world. Characters of the play made a conscious effort to create funny moments throughout the play and through these funny moments they transformed their criticism. Mat Trueman rightly comments that “Its outwardly jocular demeanor delights in slapstick and silly voices, but its core is a passionate reflection on revolution drawn out of a pop-cultural mash-up” (Trueman, 2011). The problem of identity crisis and gender issues that affected in modern society are obviously weaved in the play and viewer can hit upon the fact that the honest approach towards its theme is a significant reason for its general acceptance. One can begin the discussion about the performance of the play And the Horse Your Rode in On with a statement that it is not possible for a viewer to come across many occasions which makes much sense. Therefore, it is better for a viewer to watch it without prejudiced mind and stay away from questions about the reason behind it. The great thing is that the conclusion or moral of the play is brilliantly formed through a serious combination of different stories and the outstanding performance of its actors. The entire play mirrors the inability of common people to have a handle on the real intentions of political parties and also the failure of people to be aware of terrorist’s motivations. The viewers can understand how an individual or a person with good intentions changed into an anarchist or how the lives of victims or revolutionaries changed into a moment of explosive. The great challenge that the performers faced was that the creation of humor in the play. It is evident that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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