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Jerry Zuckers Ghost - Movie Review Example

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In the paper “Jerry Zucker’s Ghost” the author analyzes the movie, which had “odd inconsistencies” and was “too slow moving.” This critical analysis may have been due to the fact that Mr. Zucker had, to that point, been chiefly known for making “silly” movies such as Airplane and The Naked Gun…
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Jerry Zuckers Ghost
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Extract of sample "Jerry Zuckers Ghost"

Download file to see previous pages He writes, for example, that one of the movie’s “irritations” is that the character played by Demi Moore is a “slow study” – that she is too dense to pick up basic and obvious clues that any other character would supposedly immediately find significant. He worries that the movie comes close to using an “Idiot Plot” – i.e., one that moves its action forward based on the essential stupidity of a central role. These claims, while perhaps justifiable in analytical terms that demand a certain sophistication from a movie’s direction and writing if the movie were to make such claims about itself, seem unnecessarily harsh. Nevertheless, despite these critical prejudices, the film ultimately grossed more than half a billion dollars at the box office and was awarded two Academies Awards and was nominated for three others. Whoopie Goldberg won the Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of the medium Oda Mae Brown. The film also received the award for Best Original Screenplay. The film was nominated for Best Original Score, Best Film Editing, and perhaps most importantly, Best Picture. Additionally, the film has been recognized in numerous categories by the American Film Institute as among the best films of its kinds, with some of the most memorable moments in the recent film. It is viewed in retrospect, therefore, as a successful movie that appealed to filmgoers on some level other than those required by the professional critic class. This brief paper will analyze why the film succeeded so well, despite the original critical judgments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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